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Milwaukee Automotive Power Tools

Since the early 1920s, the name Milwaukee has been an industry-leading producer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional and hobbyist users around the world. Milwaukee power tools not only are easy to use but are durable and will last for years. Power tools are quickly taking the place of hand tools in garages and workplaces because of the ease of use and minimal effort required on the part of the user. Let the tool do the work instead of your arm. Whether you need one or ten, Milwaukee has everything the mechanic needs to get the job done. Choose a Milwaukee impact wrench or screwdriver and get your collection started.

More Power

Milwaukee cordless power tools are popular because of the long run time the batteries provide. The companys REDLITHIUM technology allows for up to three times the run time of competitors brands and has the ability to deliver more work over the life of the battery. In addition to running longer, the M18 battery operated drill/driver is faster than its corded counterpart. The biggest plus to using battery operated tools is the ability to work anywhere. You arent tied to a power outlet and can work anywhere including on the side of the road if needed.

Plug It In

A corded Milwaukee electric tool makes the job easier on the user. For one reason, the unit is typically lighter because it doesnt have a battery attached. A lighter tool means you can work longer without arm fatigue. However, it does require electric to run the tool so you need be near a power outlet or have a generator with you to run the unit. If you need to work further away than the attached cord, an extension cord is always an option.


Milwaukee offers various voltage batteries for multiple tools. Some devices run on 12 Volt Batteries, while other require 18 or 28 Volt batteries. The higher the volts, the higher the power. The batteries are interchangeable, so once you have an 18 Volt battery, it will run all the Milwaukee tools that require that voltage which means you only need to purchase the tool next time, not the tool and battery combo.