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Choosing a Tablet

Versatility and portability are some of the key considerations that users often demand in a tablet. Luckily, the Microsoft Surface Pro offers the both worlds plus much more that many never dreamed of years ago. This new device is a game changer especially for designers as it allows them to express their creativity on the go.

What makes the Microsoft Surface Pro Unique?

The Surface pro falls in the Microsoft Surface device family, but unlike its predecessors it features a new hinge system on the kickstand and weighs much less. It offers different work modes not found in other ordinary computer devices. These modes include:

  • Surface laptop mode - This mode allows users to transform the Surface tablet into a full functioning laptop. Its built-in kickstand together with the new Surface pro signature type cover allow the realization of this mode.
  • Surface studio mode - You go into this mode by lowering the kickstand, which features an advanced, futuristic hinge. This creates the perfect writing and drawing angle for creatives using the new Surface Pen.
  • Surface tablet Mode - This is the ideal mode for those who find themselves moving from one place to another. This mode provides a standalone tablet by closing the kickstand and detaching or folding the signature type cover.

What features can I get with the Microsoft Surface Pro?

Besides being ultra-portable offering different working modes, the surface pro also has an array of features that make it standout. These features include:

  • Fast reliable connectivity - Being able to easily connect to the internet is critical in todays world if you are going to be doing business when traveling. With its built-in LTE advanced connection capabilities, the surface pro allows users to insert a removable Sim card from their mobile provider and seamlessly connect to the internet.
  • Battery life - The Surface pro boasts of having 50 percent longer battery life that its predecessors. This means you can remain productive for longer hours, especially if you are constantly on the road, without much recharging.
  • Power and performance - An Intel Core m3, Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7 processor combines with up to 16 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage space to help this device perform well in multiple work scenarios.
  • Vibrant display - The surface pro comes with a 12.3 inch, color-rich PixelSense display with razor sharp resolution. This allows creatives to bring their creations to life without color limitations.

Other amazing features include a fanless cooling system, Wi-Fi capability, auto brightness, full Windows 10 and office experience, OneNote, Surface Pen, improved hybrid cooling, and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.

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