Micro ATX Computer Cases with PSUs Let You Build the Mini PC of Your Dreams

Like many areas of consumer technology, the PC building scene has different categories for computer builds. Micro ATX is an ideal form factor for motherboards in mini PC building. With a small motherboard, you can reduce the overall size of the computer case to create a discreet yet powerful computer that you can use for work and play. Many brands like Fractal Design, Cooler Master, and NZXT sell compact PC cases to accommodate your project's needs.

What Are Some Handy Features of a Micro ATX Computer Case?

  • Drive Bays: A computer is nothing without upgradeability especially in terms of storage. As your needs grow, so will the amount of storage you need. Grab a case with at least four 3.5-inch bays and at least two SSD bays, which are usually tucked in between the side panels to make optimal use of space. While you may not be able to put in as many drives as you could in a mid-tower case, you can compensate for the relatively low number of drive bays with large capacity hard drives for your data and media storage needs.
  • Tool-less Design: A micro ATX or even a mini-ITX case can be very cramped and may not have much clearance for using tools to fasten the components. Tool-less designs are ideal for small PC cases especially in places like the drive bays, exterior panels, and internal fasteners for fans or water-cooling radiators.
  • Extra I/O Ports and Clearance: Apart from the rear I/O ports, which are normally directly connected to your motherboard like the USB and network ports, you can choose a small case with many ports located around the enclosure. Some cases have upward-facing ports, while others have conventionally designed front ports for audio, mic, and USB connections for convenience. Clearance is also very important, especially when mounting large 120 mm fans or ordinary 80 mm fans for dual-fan air cooling. Be sure to investigate before making a purchase because many of your components might not fit at all if you commit errors in measurements.

How to Choose a Micro ATX Computer Case?

  • PSU Rating: Cases that include a power supply unit or PSU may not be up to snuff if you plan to put power-hungry hardware in your computer. A rule of thumb in building PCs is never to skimp on PSU quality because it can affect the life of your other expensive components.
  • Extra Features: Other features like cable management channels and holes can make building your small PC a breeze. Aesthetic features like compatibility with RGB LED strips and unique front panel material choices can really set your computer apart.