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Mercury Complete Outboard Boat Lower Units

Back in the 1930s, a man and some friends got together in a barn to make outboards. Since then, Mercury has grown out of its barn accommodations and into a leading manufacturer of outboards. Over 80 years of quality design, superior components, and the latest technological advances are built into every outboard at Mercury.

What kind of oil is needed for lower units?

Each lower unit model has different oil recommendations. The information for your particular unit can be found in the owners manual. The manual also outlines items like the shaft that need lubrication and how to perform maintenance. Should you misplace or damage your manual, you can purchase a new one as long as you have your serial number handy. You can locate the serial number on the transom bracket.

Can a lower unit be started out of the water?

The cooling water intake in the gear case cools the water to prevent damage to the pump and engine. You need to have water circulating through the cooling intake because, when the pump is run dry, it can cause damage and result in the lower unit overheating. Always start the outboard unit in the water and never out of water.

What happens if a lower unit becomes corroded?

The presence of blistering paint, a white powdery substance, rust, and dissolving are all signs of corrosion on your unit. Although corrosion is quite common on boats, if allowed to continue, it can cause further damage. It is best to avoid brass or aluminum parts when possible, as these are prone to corroding. Marine-grade bronze or marine stainless steel are great alternatives. Corrosion-resistant surface coatings are also available to help combat this issue.

What is Storage Seal?

During storage, your engine could experience condensation which leads to corrosion. Storage Seal Rust Inhibitor from Mercury Marine is an additive that coats the engine. The additive contains a blend of chemicals that inhibit rust formation. You can find instructions for adding the Storage Seal Rust Inhibitor to your unit in your owners manual.

Can an additional fine-micron filter be added to the system?

All Mercury lower units are built with the ideal filtration level, so additional filters are not necessary. The level of filtration that is use will protect the unit from debris. If you were to add another filter, it could restrict the flow of fuel to the engine.