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Mercury Complete Outboard Engines

Mercury Marine is a boating parts and accessories company that makes a wide variety of complete outboard engines. These motors come preassembled and ready to be installed. From motors for the weekend fisherman to the marine racer at heart, Mercury makes a motor for everyone.

What is Mercury Marine?

Mercury Marine is a company that was founded in 1939 and makes boat engines, propellers, parts, and accessories. The company also owns Mercury Racing, their powerboat-racing and high-performance products line. Offering a wide array of engines, the outboard engines can run up to 400 horsepower.

What types of products does Mercury make?

Mercury makes outboard motors, sterndrives and inboards, diesel engines, a variety of propellers, and inflatable boats. They also produce boat gauges and controls, and small boating parts. They also produce their own line of equipment, like lubricants and more.

What is an outboard motor?

An outboard motor is an engine or propulsion system that’s used in boats. The unit itself consists of the engine, propeller, and gearbox; which is attached to the boat. Not only does it propel small watercraft, but it also provides steering control because it is designed to pivot to control thrust direction.

Outboards can be elevated or tilted upwards to eliminate the chances of hitting bottom. Outboards can be small or large, propane or electric-fueled. Smaller outboard motors can produce as little as 15 hp, while larger engines can produce an average of 135 hp.

What kinds of outboard engines does Mercury make?

Mercury makes six main types of outboard engines. Each category has its own benefits to boat performance and produces their own amounts of power. The Mercury Pro XS outboard line has lightning-fast acceleration and quick speeds. It is fuel efficient and made for serious fishermen. This line has a range of 115-250 hp. The Verado line carries motors that feature low noise and vibration, lower fuel consumption, and supercharged four-stroke power. These motors have a range of 175-300 hp.

The Mercury OptiMax line carries outboard motors that are built for reliability and fuel efficiency with Mercury’s two-stage DFI (Direct Fuel Injection). They feature handling and acceleration capabilities and have a range of 200-250 hp. The FourStroke line carries boat outboards that are smaller, lighter, and designed to be efficient with the same four-stroke power. These motors have a range of 2.5-150 hp.

The Mercury Jet line features motors that are meant for acceleration. They are designed to be maneuvered at top-speed on any marine adventure. These products have a range of 25-200 hp. The SeaPro FourStroke line consists of Mercury outboard engines that are meant to be worked hard. They are designed for boats that spend a lot of time on the water, with trouble-free operation. They have a range of 15-150 hp.