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Mercury Outboard Mounting Brackets

Mercury outboards need special brackets for mounting against the sides of boats. These marine engine models are specially designed to withstand the stresses that come with running in both salt and fresh water. You may wish to keep extra Mercury outboard mounting brackets around so you can always change your equipment out in a pinch.

How long will a Mercury mounting bracket last?

Engineers from Mercury have a tendency to measure the lifespan of all types of equipment in a base number of hours that they should last. They rate outboard brackets at well over 1,000 hours, which means that many boaters find they outlast the expected lifespan of the outboard motor itself. Making sure that you have the right horsepower rating for what your outboard puts out can go a long way toward meeting this goal.

How do you match power output to mounting specifications?

Mercury registers each mounting unit with a specific amount of horsepower that it can take. Generally, you can use an outboard mounting bracket that can hold an engine that puts out more HP than the one you have, but you shouldnt use a weaker outboard bracket with a Mercury motor that puts out a lot of horsepower. These horsepower numbers are marked up with a specific HP value. If you come across a Mercury bracket that reads something like 20 HP, then this should be taken as a hard upper horspower cap.

How high of a mount do you need?

When youre selecting a mount, youll want to first consider how much horsepower your outboard unit puts out. Some high horsepower units work well with high adapters. Mercury documentation stresses the following standards for those looking at stern-end boat hardware.

  • Short staff - 15 inches
  • Long staff - 20 inches
  • Long-staff trimming motor - 23 inches
  • Extra-long shaft - 25 inches
  • Tall mount Mercury engine - greater than 25 inches
What kind of boat mounting hardware needs a tiller arm?

If you have any kind of medium horsepower Mercury outboard unit that originally had a steering arm, then you need a tiller swivel so that you can steer your boat in the proper direction. Anything thats rated to work with your specific outboard motor should come with the accessories you need. Mercury also makes individual replacements, which is good if youre repairing the transom or building your own durable substitute.