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Complete the Look with a Men's Trench Coat

When the weather gets brisk, having an outer layer can go a long way in keeping you warm. Trench coats are useful to have, and they can be nice additions to any wardrobe. With military origins, men's trench coats have a timeless feel to them.

What styles of trench coats can you find on eBay?

When looking for a new or used trench coat for men on eBay, you'll find many options. The style is typically either:

  • Double-breasted: A classic trench coat is double-breasted, with anywhere from six to 10 buttons, evenly spaced. The length could vary, ranging from hitting mid-thigh to below the knee.
  • Single-breasted: With less fabric, a single-breasted trench coat may be suited for petite men or those who want a more streamlined look.

Traditional coats do not have hoods, but some newer models may include them.

Features of trench coats for men

In general, you'll see several features that help make the trench coat so iconic. Features include:

  • Single-back vent: With a single vent in back, there is more flexibility in the jacket. This design element was originally put in place to give soldiers the ability to run in their coats. Today's men can still enjoy the extra mobility and breathability that a vent provides.
  • Raglan sleeves: Trench coats were often worn for long periods of time in the field, so they had to be comfortable. Raglan sleeves, which are more relaxed, fit loosely and can be comfortably worn over layers.
  • Shoulder tabs: Shoulder taps, or epaulets, can be used to display an officer's rank insignia. They remain on many styles as a design element.
  • Insulation: Some men's winter trench coats include insulating lining for added protection.
Which fabric should you choose?

You'll have many choices when it comes to choosing which new or used men's trench coat to purchase. Think about the following when searching for eBay trench coats:

  • Wool gabardine: This material is strong and functional, able to repel water and protect you from the cold. Many high-end coats are made with wool gabardine, but you may be able to find cheap trench coats made out of this material that are used.
  • Cotton: Cotton, if it's densely woven, can be water-resistant and durable. Many more affordable trench coats will often be made out of cotton. Cotton is sometimes woven with synthetic fibers to make coats cheaper and more weather-resistant.
  • Leather: There are some leather trench coats for men on eBay. Leather is warm and easy to clean, and it can repel water and dirt. It also has a sleek style that some men prefer.