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Mens Jeans

Jeans are a timeless wardrobe staple. They are a comfortable, resilient, all-purpose clothing item for fun, play, casual days, and days off. The following 5 questions and answers address some basic but important info to consider before purchasing your next pair.

What are tapered mens jeans?

Tapered styles have leg openings that are typically slimmer around your calf and lower leg than they are around your thighs. This effect creates a streamlined look that flatters your silhouette. This look is standard with certain fits.

Whats the difference between all the fits?

Fits can change seasonally, but a handful tend to reappear consistently. The skinny fit is tight with very fitted leg openings. This fit is usually low-to-mid-rise, which means the waistline sits low or below the hips. A zip fly is most common.

What fit suits your body type?

Slim fit is not too tight and not too loose. This fit is straight in the hips and fitted in the thighs and lower leg. Zip flies and mid-rise are typical features but not the rule. Mid-rise jeans have waistlines that sit above your hips and below your belly button. Occasionally, skinny and slim fits have a bit of stretch.

Regular fit is a mid-rise straight-leg fit, a fit whose leg silhouette runs straight up and down, with no tapering. Generally, regular fit jeans have a large leg opening. Relaxed fit is a bit roomy and doesnt hug your body. The next roomiest fit is loose fit which is baggy, with lots of room in the thighs, hips, and seat.

There are no hard and fast rules to finding your most flattering fit. Every designer is different, and some labels run larger than others. To be safe, opt for a slim or regular fit if youre on the slender side. If youre more athletic, muscular, or stocky, go with regular or relaxed. If you have wide hips, a large waist, or youre full in the thighs and seat, slip on a pair of relaxed or loose fit jeans.

What are selvedge jeans?

The selvedge is the clean, finished edge on fabric that prevents it from unraveling. Selvedge denim is a very classic, narrow type of denim prepared on traditional shuttle looms. In addition to its inherent durability, selvedge denim has a very nuanced, unique texture ripe with charming inconsistencies that reference its artisanal construction.

Is there another way to wash raw denim besides machine?

Yes, there are alternatives to machine washing your raw denim. Hang your jeans in the bathroom the next time you shower. The steam freshens them and kills odor-causing bacteria. You can also freeze your jeans to achieve the same end. Freezing kills those funky bacteria, so your pants smell fresh again. If you must use water, soak your jeans for 1 hour in a cup of vinegar added to a basin of cold water. The vinegar preserves the indigo color and kills odors, and the vinegary smell vanishes when your pants dry.