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Buying Guide for Memphis 12-inch Subwoofers for Cars

Attention to detail is critical when selecting the right subwoofer for your car audio system. Memphis 12-inch car subwoofers are renowned for delivering the deep, powerful bass thump many enthusiasts desire. These subwoofers feature high-quality construction and precision engineering. Memphis 12 inch subwoofers with a box for sale excels at reproducing low-frequency sounds with clarity and impact that enhances your overall listening experience on the road. Whether you're a bass enthusiast or simply seeking to elevate your car audio setup, Memphis 12 inch subwoofers offer the performance and reliability you need to enjoy your favorite music to the fullest.

Why do many subwoofers contain paper cones?

Using paper for subwoofer cones has a practical purpose. The cone needs to be quite stiff while also being lightweight to the point of nearly no weight at all. However, few materials meet those requirements. Paper, with a variety of additives, comes the closest and produces a round, deep sound that drives that elusive low beat. Plastic cones can be effective at higher audio ranges or even for mid-tone bass. Many people feel plastic cones cannot snap with that clear, low-toned boom required.

You seldom find a woofer using an untreated or uncoated plain paper cone, even Memphis subs. Materials added as paper enhancers include wool, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or polypropylene. Plain paper absorbs moisture from the air, affects the damping, and changes the mass. The materials above add ingredients to paper to inhibit moisture for good sound quality. A stiff, lightweight paper cone with the correct additive produces an unmistakable, pounding thump that every bass lover seeks.

What is a wet-wound voice coil?

Considered scientifically superior, Memphis 12 subwoofers use wet-wound voice coil wire for its car audio wire. When using a wet-wound process, the wire for the voice coil is dipped or drawn through an adhesive bath before it is wound on the bobbin, also called a former. This process allows good adherence overall for the voice coil wire. Drawing or dipping the coil wire is a technique that requires operator skill to utilize it. An adhesive-coated bobbin paired with a wet-wound wire bond provides the strongest subwoofer structure. It remains used more in Europe and other areas than in the United States.

Alternatively, a dry-wound process may take different forms. One dry-wound method uses a solvent to active wire pretreated with thermoplastic adhesive, which is then baked in an oven. This produces coil wire that is efficient for many purposes. Another dry-wound technique simply winds the dry coil wire around the bobbin before applying an adhesive to the top layer to keep it in place. When this voice coil wire meets conditions causing it to heat up, the adhesion does not hold it in place. Instead, the wire softens and comes loose from the bobbin.

What power handling ranges do these 12 inch subs contain?

  • Watt range: 200 RMS to 1000 RMS
  • Peak values: 400 RMS to 2000 RMS
  • Impedance: 2 ohms to 8 ohms (depending on a single voice coil or duals with 4 ohms apiece)

However, remember that a sealed or ported enclosure with the correct specifications makes a regular-sized woofer outperform one twice its size that does not have a dimensional box. Power handling capacity paired with the proper enclosure and amp system provides a broad overview for performance purposes.

FAQs About Memphis 12-inch Subwoofers

What are Memphis 12-inch subwoofers?

Memphis 12-inch subwoofers are high-quality audio drivers designed to produce deep and powerful bass frequencies in car sound systems. Manufactured by Memphis Audio, these subwoofers are known for their robust construction, precise sound reproduction, and durability.

What are the key features of Memphis 12-inch subwoofers?

Memphis 12-inch subwoofers feature a range of key features, including high-quality materials such as reinforced cones and durable surrounds for enhanced performance and longevity. They also utilize advanced technologies such as vented voice coils and cooling systems to prevent overheating and distortion during prolonged use.

What types of enclosures are suitable for Memphis 12-inch subwoofers?

Memphis 12-inch subwoofers perform well in various types of enclosures, including sealed, ported (vented), and bandpass enclosures. Each type of enclosure offers unique advantages in terms of bass response, efficiency, and overall sound quality, allowing users to customize their audio system to suit their preferences.

Do Memphis 12-inch subwoofers require additional amplification?

Yes, Memphis 12-inch subwoofers require an external amplifier to power them effectively. It is essential to match the power handling capabilities of the subwoofer to the amplifier's output to avoid damage and achieve optimal performance. Consult the subwoofer's specifications and the amplifier's ratings for compatibility.

Are Memphis 12-inch subwoofers suitable for custom car audio installations?

Yes, Memphis 12-inch subwoofers are popular choices for custom car audio installations. Memphis car audio products are known for their high-performance capabilities, versatility, and reputation for quality. Installers can integrate these subwoofers into custom enclosures and audio systems to create immersive listening experiences in vehicles of all types.

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