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M4 Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a military simulation sport in which players engage in combat using military tactics and fake weapons. One of the guns used in airsoft is the M4 series, which uses 6mm spherical lightweight pellets made of solid plastic. The M4 airsoft gun produces low-impact energy, which results in a less damaging projectile that is still highly precise.

How realistic is the M4 airsoft gun?

The appearance of this gun is highly realistic, and at times it may be difficult to distinguish a replica M4 airsoft gun from the actual weapon. Airsoft guns are designed in this way to provide a realistic experience when playing with this type of replica gun.

How can you differentiate an airsoft and a real rifle?

By law, airsoft guns are required to have an orange tip that enables you to quickly determine that these types of replica guns are not real weapons. You can transport these types of replica guns in enclosed containers for maximum safety. Plastic and metal cases are both available.

What are the different mechanisms used by the M4 airsoft?
  • Spring rifle: You have to cock the slide every time you fire this entry-level rifle, which causes a delay when firing. This type of rifle is easy to maintain. Upon cocking the slide, the spring touching the piston is compressed. It is then released upon pulling the finger, which causes the compressed air in the cylinder to launch the pellet.
  • Gas rifle: These types of rifles use a gas propellant. Upon pulling the trigger, a gas is released, which fires the pellet. This type of rifle has a feature called blowback. This feature makes the rifle move backward after firing, which loads more pellets.
  • Electric rifle: These rifles use batteries to power the motor. Battery power causes a gear to squeeze air into the cylinder. Upon pulling the trigger, the air is released, which shoots the pellets. These rifles are usually fully automatic and highly powerful.
What is the range of the M4 airsoft rifle?

These rifles have an average effective range of approximately 55 yards. The electric rifles shoot accurately up to 70 yards, gas guns up to 60 yards, and spring guns up to 40 yards.

What are some gases you can use with airsoft guns?
  • 134a: This type of gas is usually reserved for plastic guns. This gas can yield a velocity of slightly under 300FPS.
  • Green gas: This is the most common form of gas, and it can be used with both metal and plastic M4 series. It can yield a velocity of up to 350FPS.
  • Propane: Though similar to green gas, this type of gas is not lubricated with silicone. To use it, you have to lubricate it with silicone spray to avoid damaging your gun.