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Losi Hobby RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Losi manufactures a variety of parts and accessories for hobby-grade RC category with the mini-late model vehicles. These accessories include parts for transmission, motors, and more.

What vehicle scales does Losi design accessories for?

The brand makes accessories for mini-late model racing trucks and vehicles in several scales. These are a reflection of the hobby cars size when compared to a full-scale model. The options include:

  • 1/36
  • 1/18
  • 1/10
  • 1/8
What types of tires and wheels are available?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your vehicle or replace a pair of old wheels, the brand offers an array of styles and accessories. They include:

  • 1/36 wheels: For 1/36-scale models, the brand makes rock claw, desert, street meat, and micro wheels.
  • 1/18 wheels: For 1/18-scale minis and crawlers, Losi makes more than a dozen options, including all-terrain, foam, directional rib, and taper pin wheels.
  • 1/10 wheels: The brand makes wheels for 1/10-scale trucks, crawlers, and 2WD/4WD rear vehicles. The wheel options include big shots, dirt ovals, eclipses, and comp claws.
  • 1/8 wheels: There are many wheels designed for 1/8-scale truggies, buggies, and monster trucks. They include super bolt-on, ATX, and reptile wheels.
  • Glue: The brand also makes tire glue, which is designed to bond the rubber compounds used in these wheels.
Does the brand make exhaust systems?

The brands exhaust systems positions the pressure tap inside the pipe. The kits come with mounting accessories and setscrews for installation. Tuned exhaust pipes that use two-stroke tuning technology are also available.

What other engine accessories are available?

The brand offers an array of accessories, including:

  • Carburetors
  • Spark plugs
  • Crankshafts
  • Fly wheels
  • Exhaust gaskets
  • Cooling heads
  • Kill switches
What fuel and fluid options does the brand offer?

When racing a mini-late model RC, its important to use the right type of fuel and fuel accessories. Losi offers the following options:

  • Nitrotane: This fluid was developed for use with nitro motors. It combines methyl alcohol, hi-tech lubricants, and nitromethane.
  • Speed shot fuel gun: Fuel guns are designed to help you refuel during a race. The size of a vehicle will affect the amount of time to refill them.
Does Losi make accessories for electric and nitro vehicles?

Yes, the company offers parts and accessories for both types of RC vehicles. Electric vehicles are ones that run on a battery-powered motor and features an electronic speed control. They use rechargeable batteries. Nitro vehicles are powered by nitro methane-based fuel. Regardless, Losi provides accessory selections for each of these types of RC vehicles to suit your needs.

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