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Locks and Hardware for Saturn Vue

Locking your Saturn Vue is essential to maintaining the safety of your family and your belongings. Since locking your car regularly is so vital, having quality locks that work properly is a great way to maintain or begin this good habit. Its a simple task that could ultimately prevent a lot of frustration and inconvenience.

How do you maintain the locks on a Saturn Vue?

For all the wear and tear that your Saturns locks withstand, the locking mechanisms themselves are actually quite delicate, considering the tiny parts contained in them. Here are a few tips to ensure these precise mechanisms work perfectly every time.

  • Lubricate: To ensure your key slides freely in and out of the lock, regular lubrication is necessary. Using graphite or a similar lubricant will ensure the pins in the lock are able to move easily, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Protect: If your lock gets frozen and wont unlock, dont try to force it with your key. Instead, use hand sanitizer or another alcohol-based substance on your key to unfreeze the lock and prevent it from freezing again.
  • Clean: Since your car keys are usually in your pocket or purse, they can tend to gather lint, dust, and other debris. Some of this debris can stick to the teeth and make its way into your lock. Use a can of compressed air to get rid of this debris and assure smooth operation of your lock cylinder.
How do you choose a lock for a Saturn Vue?

There are some important considerations you need to keep in mind when selecting new locks for your Vue. Carefully considering these factors will ensure you receive quality locks that perfectly fit your Saturn Vue.

  • Make sure you match the model year of your Vue to the year range that the new lock is certified for. As vehicle designs change, the design of the lock does as well. To ensure a perfect fit, the lock and vehicle must match.
  • Choose between original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, and aftermarket lock models. You can find OEM models for the hardware and the locks that are specific to your Saturn Vue.
  • Select the lock for the specific door you are replacing. For example, the front passenger door. Though the lock assemblies look the same from the outside, they are designed differently on the inside to fit properly inside a specific door.