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Land Rover Discovery Locks and Hardware

The Land Rover Discovery is a seven-passenger luxury SUV designed for adventure. Drivers of Land Rover vehicles need to be safe when they go on off-road adventures, and a foolproof security system is essential. When drivers suspect that their Discovery or Discovery sport locks and hardware have a problem, it may be time to search for replacement options.

How does the power door lock actuator work?

Every Land Rover Discovery has power door lock actuators, which are responsible for locking and unlocking a vehicles doors. This process involves the door lock switch, the actuator motor, and a series of gears. You activate this system when pressing the lock or unlock button. Rotational motor motion converts into vertical motion, which can control the doors locking mechanism.

What are the main parts of the lock actuator assembly?

When Land Rover drivers discover that their locks are malfunctioning, they often must purchase a complete door lock assembly. In some cases, however, drivers cans simply replace the faulty piece of hardware. Essential parts include:

  • Electric Motor: Every actuator contains a small electric motor, which provides the rotational motion necessary to move the gears.
  • Spur Gears: Connected to the actuator motor are the spur gears. In the actuator assembly, these gears are used for reduction purposes; this means that they alter the speed and torque of the motors output.
  • Rack and Pinion Gearset: This gearset attaches to the spur gears. These gears convert the motor motion into motion capable of locking or unlocking a vehicles door.
  • Actuator Rod: The rod connects to a latch, which connects the door handle to the locking mechanism.
What are signs that a door lock actuator is malfunctioning?

It is obvious when a Land Rovers door lock actuators are starting to malfunction: The doors no longer lock or unlock. There are several signs that door actuators have problems functioning, however, such as:

  • Erratic Locking Behavior: If actuators have faulty wiring, they may start to behave erratically. They might lock unexpectedly or start locking and unlocking at a rapid pace.
  • Door Noises: When actuators start to fail, you may hear loud noises emanating from the door area. This noise often means that the gears inside the actuator are getting old; instead of engaging smoothly, they clatter against each other.
  • No Function: If you try to lock or unlock their doors and nothing happens, the actuator is probably beyond repair. When this happens, you will have to operate the locks manually via key until you select a replacement part.
How should you select new door lock actuators?

When you need to replace faulty door lock actuators for your Discovery, you first must determine which actuators are no longer working. The failure may only affect the drivers side door, for example, or it may involve all the vehicles doors. Once you have determined how many actuators they need, you can choose between door actuators made by Land Rover and those made by aftermarket manufacturers.