Iluminación y lámparas para Toyota Corolla

Lighting, Lamps, and Parts for Toyota Corolla

The lights on your Toyota Corolla serve both functional and decorative purposes. Purchasing new headlights, tail lights, and blinkers makes it easier for you to view the road, and they also help others to see your vehicle in the dark. If you want to make your car look more unique, you can choose from a variety of interesting light and lamp designs on eBay Motors.

What types of lights does a Toyota Corolla use?

When you are shopping for new lights, you will find that most of the lighting options for your vehicle fit into these four categories:

  • Headlights: These are normally white and go on the front of the car.
  • Tail lights: Taillights placed on the rear of the car are typically both red and white.
  • Turn signals: This style of light is often amber, and they may be found on the front and back of the car.
  • Fog lights: Fog lights along the front of the car provide low-level lighting in foggy situations.
Do you replace the entire light when it goes dark?

If you have recently noticed that your headlight or tail light is not working, you might be wondering if you have to get a brand-new light. In this circumstance, look at the headlight or tail light closely. You may need a brand-new lamp if you find that your current one is cracked, smashed, or otherwise damaged. If the light looks fine but simply is not illuminating, this typically means that the bulb has blown. In these situations, you can just replace the bulb while keeping your original lamp.

How do you tell if the lights fit your vehicle?

One of your main concerns for lights should be whether or not they will fit on your car. You need to carefully pay attention to these specifications when looking for lights:

  • Make: The lights must be compatible with Toyota vehicles
  • Model: You need lights that are specifically for Corollas.
  • Year: Sometimes, a set of lights might work for Corollas made within a few years of each other, but they do change shape occasionally as new models are released.
  • Trim level: Pay attention to whether your Corolla is a CE, an LE, an SE, an XSE, or other level of trim. These different levels of trim may affect the shape and fit of the lighting.
What types of bulbs are used in Corolla lamps?

The most common type of bulb is a halogen bulb that produces a soft, warm white color. Halogen bulbs were often the factory-produced lamp option for Corollas, but there are other choices besides this traditional type of light. Bulbs made with xenon have a brighter and whiter light than halogen bulbs. Another option are LED lights that may have a subtle blue tint to them.