Iluminación y lámparas para Honda Accord

Lighting and Lamps for Your Honda Accord

The lighting system on your Honda Accords exterior helps other drivers see your vehicle clearly while it illuminates the road during adverse weather or low-light conditions. Since vehicle exterior light bulbs are extremely sensitive to dust, debris, or moisture, they must be fully encased inside model-specific lamps. All the parts you need for your cars exterior lighting systems and model year are available on eBay Motors.

How do you find the right bulbs or lamps?

The filament bulbs and lamp covers should be replaced according to the year and style of your Accord. Your vehicles owner manual should show the correct replacement bulb size or assembly lights needed for replacement. Keep in mind that some Honda Accord parts may fit within a range of model years.

In addition, different lights are designed to serve different purposes. For example:

  • Headlights - Headlights are designed for the front of the vehicle and are not interchangeable with other lights.
  • Tail lights - Tail lights are designed for the rear of the vehicle.
  • Corner lights - Corner lights, or cornering lights, are typically positioned along the front corners of the vehicle, alongside the fender. Theyre designed to improve visibility when turning dark corners.
  • Fog lights - Positioned lower on the vehicle than standard headlights, fog lights help to improve visibility in foggy conditions by preventing the light from reflecting off the moisture in the air.
What options are available for replacement bulbs?

There are a few different kinds of headlight bulbs that are manufactured to fit your vehicle. Some styles may have a longer lifespan or emit a brighter light than others. They include:

  • Halogen/Filament - An electric current heats up a tiny filament inside the bulb to produce light. The lifespan is around 2,500 hours.
  • HID/Xenon - An electric arc jumps from two points inside a xenon gas-filled tube to produce light. This type has a lifespan of about 2,000 hours.
  • LED - A light-emitting diode is activated when a small current is run through the leads. You can expect an LED to last around 25,000 hours.
What styles of assembly lamps are available?

The assembly lights for your vehicle are designed to protect the bulbs from outside exposure and are responsible for projecting light efficiently. Some parts and finishes for Honda Accord assemblies differ from the stock models, varying the way illumination is produced or the way the lamps look. You can choose from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and aftermarket parts produced by other makers to fit a number of vehicles.

Options for lighting enclosures include:

  • Chrome housing
  • Black housing
  • Tinted-smoke housing
  • Halo-projector housing
How do you change the lights on a Honda Accord?

To change the bulbs or lighting assembly for your vehicle, you will need a flat-head screwdriver or Phillips-head screwdriver, an 8mm-10mm socket wrench, and the parts necessary for replacement.

  • For replacements that require you to remove the bumper, you will first need to pry off several plastic clips and screws that hold it in place.
  • Once the clips and screws are removed, gently pull your bumper cover off the vehicle.
  • Remove the 8mm or 10mm bolts that secure the lighting assembly to the vehicle frame.
  • Gently slide the lamps out of place and disconnect the wiring harnesses for each of the bulbs.
  • Replace the lights in the wiring harness connectors or install the new headlight assembly.