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Reliable Lexmark Dot Matrix Printers

Lexmark is a printing and imaging company that has been manufacturing printer products since 1991. Lexmark's line of dot matrix printers come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. The printers are designed to print text, graphs, images, and artwork onto flat paper, labels, and card stock in order to craft numerous creations ranging from business cards to signs or banners.

What is a dot matrix printer?

Dot matrix printing uses a series of dot imprints on a printing surface to create various types of fonts, graphics, or artwork. The dots are essentially bits of information transferred from the computer. A Lexmark dot matrix printer can print anywhere from 50 to 500 characters per second (cps) depending on the print quality. In the dot matrix process, the printer head will move horizontally. It prints by impacting the ribbon onto the printing surface. Since the letters are drawn in a dot matrix pattern, the printer is able to print out any type font desired.

What type of connectivity options are available?

Dot matrix printers must be connected to a computer or data source in order to receive the information to print. That requires a type of connectivity that links the printer to the computing or the data source. Lexmark dot matrix printers currently offer three types of connectivity options.

  • Parallel: This connectivity uses a parallel port which is a cable with a 25 lines. The printer will have a parallel port as well as the computer.
  • USB 1.0/1.1: USB stands for universal serial bus, which is a port with four wires. The printer will have a USB port as well as the computer.
  • Ethernet: A jack or a socket port that connects to local area networks (LAN). It may also connect to a wide area network (WAN) or a metropolitan area network (MAN).
What accessories are required?

There are a number of accessories that will be required in order to properly use a Lexmark dot matrix device. Typically, a Lexmark dot matrix printer will come with some of the accessories such as the AC power adapter, the connectivity cable, and the installation disk. However, other items, such as the paper and the printing ink cartridges, must be purchased separately. Lexmark printers will require specific types of ink cartridges for specific Lexmark printer models. The printer's instruction guide will tell you which printing ink cartridges are compatible with the printer.

What are the advantages of these printers?

Some business offices continue to use printers with dot matrix capability because of the device's ability to print multi-page forms such as documents with carbon paper. The printer's impact process allows the pressure to press through the carbon page, allowing a carbon copy to be produced.

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