Safeguarding Your HP Laptop with a Keyboard Protector

Whether youre taking your HP laptop or notebook computer everywhere you go or you just plan to use it in one location, extra protection can keep it working longer. Keyboard covers are an easy way to do this as all you need to do is cover the key buttons. While the keyboard is shielded from a number of dangers, youll also be protecting the motherboard and sensitive parts below.

What are keyboard covers made of?

Most laptop keyboard protectors for HP are made from plastic, polyurethane, rubber, or silicone. These materials are safe for the vast majority of computers and block out oil and water well, alongside other elements like dust and crumbs. When applied to the laptop properly, these skins, like those made of silicone, can help eliminate the need to clean your keyboard often.

Will a keyboard cover block air ventilation, contributing to overheating?

While there is a small amount of air that can come in and out of the laptop from the keyboard, the main ventilation comes from the air shafts. The skin wont get in the way of this flow.

How do you pick the right keyboard cover?

Keyboard protectors now come in a plethora of sizes, cuts, and colors. The one best suited to your laptop depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Material: Consider whether you have a preference for different textures, such as silicone over plastic. Also, recognize the features of some cover materials, such as being waterproof, dustproof, or antibacterial.
  • Keys: Not all keyboards are made the same way, so a variety of flat and fitted skins exist. You can also find universal protectors to fit your HP laptop, although you should pay attention to how large the skin is in inches when choosing one.
  • Environment: The area around your laptop makes a difference, as well. If youre someone who works in a dirty or dusty environment, your computer should be safer with a cover.
  • Lifestyle: If you eat around your laptop regularly, have young children who use it, or are simply cautious around it, a keyboard skin could go a long way towards shielding your machine.
How do you keep a keyboard cover clean?

Certain materials may stick to the skin, which can reduce effectiveness in time. In order to avoid sticky keys and the risk of foreign materials getting into the spaces, clean the skin whenever it gets dirty. Use warm water and a mild soap to do it. You can make the process easier by first shaking the cover to remove loose debris. Allow it to air dry or wipe it with a soft cloth. Be sure to perform these steps away from your laptop.

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