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How to Choose Anamorphic Lenses

An anamorphic lens is a special type of camera lens. Anamorphic describes the way the images project onto the sensor of your camera, and LOMO anamorphic designs allow you to choose the type of lens you desire based on several factors that include focal length, zoom, manual or automatic focus, and aperture.

What Does Focal Length Mean?

As you browse through lenses that use anamorphic projection, youll have numerous decisions to make as you choose the right lens for your specific needs. There are several considerations to make when picking camera gear like lenses, and one of those is focal length.

  • Essentially, focal length refers to the distance between the lens itself and the subject in how its reflected in the lens. You can also describe it as the optical distance from the object to the lens sensor.
  • The smaller the number, the shorter the lens is, so a 35mm or a 50mm will be shorter than a 120mm option. 
  • A larger number corresponds to a longer lens, which means a higher magnification and that more of your subject will be seen in the image. Use this context to select the focal length of your 35mm lens. 

Should You Choose Fixed or Zoom?

There are two different types of anamorphic lenses: fixed focal length (also called prime) and zoom. Choosing one depends on the type of photography you do and the flexibility you require, not to mention that they can change how your photos look.

  • Prime options are typically more portable and compact than zoom styles are. Theyre also lightweight, which makes them convenient to carry on location shoots.
  • Prime options also typically have a larger aperture, which means that its easier to take photos in low light or to take softer-looking images due to the opening that light passes through. When youre selecting an anamorphic design, you can choose the maximum aperture you desire, such as f/3.5 or f/4.5. LOMO anamorphic lenses come in a variety of options that range from f/3.5 to f/6.
  • A zoom lens is a bit more versatile than a prime one is. This type works with varied types of photography and images, and photographers who shoot many different types of images, such as portraits, landscapes, sports, etc., should have both types on hand to provide flexibility.

What Cameras Do Lenses Work With?

LOMO anamorphic accessories arent just for one type of camera. They work with a variety of tech types, so select the right gear to complement your camera.

  • You can use an anamorphic accessory with a 35mm camera. You can purchase a squarefront vintage LOMO kit that comes with multiple supplies of assorted focal lengths as well as adapter rings to experiment with image styles, such as PL, T2 or T3 options.
  • You can attach an anamorphic accessory to a camcorder or video recorder.
  • Use an anamorphic option to enhance using an SLR device.

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