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Take Your Photographs to the Next Level With Kodak SLR Film Camera

While digital cameras may offer greater detail due to the greater range of megapixels, many photographers still prefer the wider range of creative options that shooting on film affords them. Whether you are a photographer that prefers the look of film or simply a collector that loves old cameras, there is a wide range of Kodak SLR cameras from which to choose.

What does SLR mean?

SLR stands for single-lens reflex. The oldest photographic equipment utilized twin lenses to capture an image. The two lenses also caused significant distortion between what the photographer would see through the viewfinder and the actual image. Over time, camera manufacturers figured out how to use a single lens with a mirror and prism to reflect a more precise image to the photographer. This same technology is still in use but is generally referred to as DSLR, which means digital single-lens reflex.

What type of lens do Kodak SLRs come with?

The majority of Kodak SLRs will come with a fully interchangeable lens, but some of the oldest models, like the Kodak Brownie, will not. Later compact cameras that were designed for ease and portability rather than versatility also will not come with this full type of lens. Most pro photographers, however, prefer equipment with an interchangeable lens because that gives them more options when it comes to the types of photos they want to take. Some lenses are wide angle for taking more panoramic photos while others allow a photographer to take stunning close-ups with crystal clear, sharp detail.

What type of flash does an SLR camera use?

Some Kodak SLRs do not come with a flash at all or any options for one. Older film equipment, however, often comes with unique features, which is why many pro photographers still prefer it. Today, there are other options available, such as an external light or handheld flash. Some Kodak SLRs do offer flash options, however. Here are some available flash options.

  • Built-in flash: Some SLRs will come with a built-in flash that deploys automatically when set in flash mode.
  • Hot shoe: Some cameras will have a space built in for an external flash, allowing the mechanism to be powered by the camera's battery.
  • Flash cube: Depending on when the camera was manufactured, some will have a slot for a flashcube, which can be purchased separately. Flashcubes are disposable and only allow one flash per cube.
What type of film does a Kodak SLR use?

The majority of Kodak SLRs will use 35mm film preloaded into a canister. Some of the older models, however, such as the Brownie, will require the purchase of special film made specifically for that camera. 35mm film comes in different speeds, which refers to how fast the shutter opens and closes. The faster the shutter opens and closes, the less light that is allowed in. Faster speed film is generally used for action shots but requires a great deal of external light. Slower speed film allows the shutter to stay open longer, which lets in more light but also takes longer to take a single photo. Slower speed film is better for shooting stills and in low light conditions. Faster speed film is better for action shots and shooting in bright light.

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