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Choosing Your Fashion Jewelry: What and Why

The word \"jewelry\" often triggers visions of gold, diamonds, and precious stones, but obtaining them doesn't have to blow a hole in your pocket. You can opt for fashion jewelry, which has its benefits over fine and semi-fine jewelry. The number of designs you can choose from is also vast for this category of adornments. 

What is the Difference Between Fine, Semi-Fine, and Fashion Jewelry?

The difference is mainly in the composition of the decorative pieces, as explained below:

  • Fine jewelry mainly uses precious metals and stones. These are the pieces you would pick for special occasions like engagements, graduations, and birthdays. These pieces are waterproof, durable, and you can can usually wear them all the time, including during sleep and showers. 
  • Semi-fine jewelry uses base metals like silver and platinum, and usually only have gold plating. Some of the pieces from this category do have genuine precious stones, while others have semi-precious or non-precious gemstones instead.
  • Fashion jewelry uses non-precious metals and stones. The metals are typically brass, copper, bronze, silvertone metal or stainless steel, which can come with Swarovski crystals, moonstones, pearls, rhinestones, beads, and other semi or non-precious gemstones. Goldtone pieces also fall under this category, as they look gold-plated but actually do not contain any gold. 

What are the Different Types of Fashion Jewelry?

You can categorize fashion jewelry into a few groups, depending on what you are looking for. These categories include:

  • Brand - There are a variety of branded and non-branded fashion ornaments that you can find. Kirks Folly is one of those brands. While the Kirks Folly company itself closed down in 2014, you can still find many of their products selling as vintage pieces. They are especially popular due to their whimsical designs, such as those in their Lorelei, Cloudwalker, and Seaview Moon range.
  • Use - Fashion pieces encompass necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, brooches, lockets, charms, pendants, and other trinkets. Basically, if you want to adorn yourself, you can find a piece for any use you can think of.
  • Designs - Choosing by design is especially useful if you have to a theme to adhere to. Some popular designs include fairy, moon, angel, mermaid, dragonfly, and cherub designs.

Why Fashion Jewelry?

Simply put, fashion pieces tend to be more outrageous and unique in terms of design. Leverback and dangle fashion earrings are usually bigger and more colorful than fine or semi-fine earrings, due to the various components integrated. Charm bracelets and stretch bracelets typically come in the fashion category and are fitting for casual or semi-casual use. Special kinds of necklaces like magnetic necklaces and string necklaces are also unique to the fashion category. Of course, it also helps that due to their non-precious nature, fashion pieces are kinder on the pockets.