If you are a cyclist, you probably know that the type of bike you ride can affect your comfort and performance. In 1987, Kestrel built the Kestrel 4000, the first all-carbon composite bike frame. Since then, they have been providing cyclists with innovative technologies to help improve their performance and enjoyment of this sport.

How can you tell which size Kestrel bike to buy?

To determine which size Kestrel bike is a good fit for you, you will need to account for factors such as your height and inseam. These road bikes can be fitted so that you have the right top tube length, seat tube length, and seat post or saddle height. Other factors to consider include stem length and angle, crank length, and saddle positioning. To get the best fit, you may want to get measurements taken by a professional road bike outfitter.

Can you add decals or paint to the frame?

The Kestrel brand does not produce their own paint or decals. However, you can purchase auto body paint for paint touch-ups or to change the color of your bicycle completely. You can also purchase aftermarket decals to individualize your Kestrel road bike.

What types of Kestrel bicycles are available?

This brand offers a few different types of bicycles. The type of bike you select will depend on what type of cyclist you are and the terrain you ride on. Carbon fiber is the building block used for Kestrel bicycles. Two grades of carbon fiber are used: 700K and 800K. The lighter carbon fiber material is 800K, while the one that is more resistant to bending is the 700K. Kestrel offers road bikes, triathlon bikes, and mountain bikes. A few of their bicycle series are:

  • Legend SL Series: This line of bicycles is designed for increased speeds as well as mountain biking. It includes the Sram Red Etap, the Shimano Dura Ace, and the Ultegra.
  • Talon X Series: If you train on the road but are an endurance racer, this series is for you. Shimano Dura Ace, Talon Tri, Ultegra, and the 105 are all in this series.
  • 5000 SL Series: Adjustability, aerodynamics, and comfort features are all included in this triathlon bike series. The Sram Red Etap, the Aero Shimano Ultegra, and the D12 are all found within the 5000 SL series.
  • MXZ Series: This mountain bike series is meant for cross country mountain bikers who want a fast way to navigate their local trails or even for XC racers who need speed. The MXZ Team and MXZ Pro are both in this series.
  • RT 1100 Series: This series was created with road bikers in mind who seek both speed and endurance. You can select from the Sram Red Etap, the Shimano Dura Ace, the Shimano Ultegra, and the Shimano 105.

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