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JBL Floor Standing Tower Home Speakers and Subwoofers for the Home

JBL was founded by legendary engineer James Bullough Lansing. This firm made some of the amplifiers used in early rock n roll. By the 1970s, they were making household electronics including the L-100, which was the most common home loudspeaker of its era.

What are some features of these JBL Floor-Standing Towers?

The floor-standing tower is a mainstay of this companys home electronics line. Features include:

  • Cabinet: This company is known for making units that look great in addition to producing high quality sound. Cabinets are usually woodgrain and feature a stylish white, black, or walnut finish. More recent floor-standing towers include angled cabinets to enhance sound quality.
  • Drivers: The subwoofer is the biggest driver in these tower speakers, and it is responsible for producing deep noises at the low end. Tweeters are much smaller and produce high notes. Midrange speakers cover the ground in between the two extremes. These speakers are known for using high-quality materials in drivers. Examples include titanium tweeters.
What are some models of these floor standing tower speakers?

There are tower speakers to meet every listeners needs. Examples include:

  • JBL Arena 170: This two-way loudspeaker features a 1\" soft dome tweeter and a 7\" woofer. This is a wired speaker and produces hi-fi sound. Its RMS power is 150 W. This model features a black woodgrain cabinet and black mesh.
  • JBL Arena 180: The Arena 180 model features two 7\" woofers and a 1\" soft dome tweeter. This speaker is known for the quality of its bass. It performs well whether youre listening to music or watching media on your home theater. This model features a white cabinet and black mesh screen in front of the driver elements.
  • JBL S3900: This speaker is designed for dual and multi-channel audio systems. Features include 10\" pulp-fiber bass drivers. The other transducers are 1.75\" and a 0.75\" ultra-high frequency transducer. This unit provides crystal clear audio and rich bass. The cabinets are a rich redwood color.
  • JBL 4312C: These control monitor units are rated for 100W of power. They feature a 12\" driver for the low end and a pure titanium 1\" tweeter. These tower speakers are sleek in all black. They feature the JBL logo in orange on the top left of each unit.
Are these floor standing units always sold in pairs?

The answer depends on the model. Generally speaking, JBL provides components so that people can build their home audio systems a la carte. Some monitors are only available in pairs. Tower-style units are often available singly or in pairs.

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