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Choosing a JBL 10 Inch Subwoofer for Your Car

The JBL 10-inch subwoofer offers a practical yet cool design for your car's audio system. For a smooth sound that performs well, check out these JBL car subwoofers for sale on eBay. Driving with high-amplitude surround sound can be like having a party in your car.

How do you choose JBL subwoofers for your car audio?

A subwoofer from JBL at any price can make the difference between standard audio and enhanced sound in your car, no matter your musical tastes. Depending how much space you have in your car, the affordable JBL subwoofer 10 inch model might be just right for your existing car speakers.

What kinds of music are subwoofers from JBL designed for?

The selectable smart impedance system shows the amount of bass power your car speakers can handle. The JBL subwoofer allows you to listen to anything just by flipping a switch. So whether you are into the heavy bass moods of dubstep and hip-hop or you like to cruise to some smooth R&B jams, these subwoofers can help provide the sound you are looking for.

What features are in the subwoofer from JBL?

The JBL 10 inch speaker box includes a range of listening performance features, including:

  • Aero-cooled voice coil: It's all about the airflow with the JBL subwoofer. The aero-cooling design is unique and provides power handling that improves the amplifier's readability.
  • Oversized voice coil: A 3-inch coil provides more surface area than traditional 2-inch voice coils. As a result, you get a coil that is powerful enough for low basses and light enough for smoother notes.
  • Premium screw-down terminals: A subwoofer that accommodates 8-gauge wire terminals has a low-frequency response and the low power loss needed to help provide quality sound for your music.

How many watts can these subwoofers handle?

This brand of 10 subwoofer can handle up to 450 watts of power. Because of this, you’ll likely want to go with an amplifier that has an RMS power of 450 watts or less.

You can use a range of amplifiers, depending on your musical tastes. If you want your woofer to provide audio that is as loud as possible, then a 450-watt amplifier is required. Anything higher is not recommended.

Can you use multiple subwoofers from JBL in your car?

Thanks to the handling power built into this device, you can run multiple subwoofer auto speakers at different ohm power levels. You'll want to factor in the performance of your amp, provided that you don't exceed the 450-watt limit. See the manufacturer's site for details.

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