Partes interiores para Toyota Corolla

Interior Parts for the Toyota Corolla

New dash parts, switches and controls, and trim can improve the appearance and the ability to control your Toyota Corolla. You can use all these different components to improve the quality of your car when a part has broken or you just want to upgrade your Toyota Corolla with interior parts.

Can you replace the shift knob in your Toyota Corolla?

Whether your Corolla has an automatic or manual transmission, it will be equipped with a shift knob somewhere within reach of the driver. With manual-transmission cars, the shift knob is usually prominently positioned, and it can be replaced with a number of different novelty or customized knobs. Even if you have an automatic transmission, you can replace your shift knob if it becomes inoperable or youre looking for a change of pace.

How should you choose Toyota Corolla parts?

In general, it is relatively easy to find the Toyota Corolla interior parts that youre looking for; the only piece of information you need to narrow down your options is the year that your car was made. Then, you can go ahead and select the parts that will get your sedan looking or working exactly as you want it to again. If there are multiple styles of the same part available, dont forget to take your aesthetic preferences into account as well.

What Toyota Corolla interior parts can you replace?

This eBay Motors collection contains every product category that you may need for your Toyota Corolla. Here are just a few examples of the types of parts you can find:

  • Cup holders: The cup holders in your sedan are usually between the front driver and passenger seats, and you can replace them if they become cracked, damaged, or worn.
  • Glove boxes: The glove box in your car is on the passengers side, and you can replace it if its lock breaks or if the body of the glove box becomes damaged.
  • Pedals: Whether your brake, gas, or clutch pedal becomes damaged or broken, you can replace these vital interior components of your Corolla.
  • Seats: While seat covers might protect your seats from wear and tear, if the seats become damaged beyond repair, it may be time to replace those components altogether.
  • Trim: Trim is positioned at various locations throughout your Corollas interior, and you can replace it if it becomes scuffed, cracked, faded by the sun, or damaged.
  • Window motors: Power windows use special motors to move the glass up and down, and if these motors fail, you can replace them. Doing so requires removing part of the interior of your door.
  • Steering wheels: You can replace the entire steering wheel on your Corolla.