Piezas y accesorios de interior para Honda Accord

Interior Parts for Honda Accord

Numerous parts are available for your sedan when you need to spruce up the interior of your Honda Accord. As time passes, your Honda Accord may experience a little wear to commonly used interior parts. There are interior parts available that include seat covers, steering wheels, floor mats, dash parts, and a variety of other options to choose from.

What Honda Accord floor mats are available for your sedan?

There are different floor mat categories available to suit your preferences. Floor mat categories include:

  • All-weather floor mats: These floor mats are designed to protect the carpet of your sedan from water, sand, and other debris that may enter your car as you come and go. The all-weather floor mats are crafted with deep grooves to actively trap debris. They are often protected with a non-stick finish and are made of strong rubber.
  • High-wall floor mats: These are all-season floor mats that work well against snow, rain, and other components brought on by the weather. They are designed to protect your sedan and carpet from traditional wear and tear. The design of these floor mats is constructed of rubber that is tough and covers the surface of your floor, and these mats extend to each of the sidewalls.
  • Carpeted floor mats: These floor mats are constructed of heavy-duty polypropylene carpet for a plush look. The front mats have the vehicle logo. The mats are fade-resistant and employ a retaining system to help keep them in place. The edges of the mats are yarn-bound, which helps keeps them from fraying.

Are there double din dash parts available for Honda Accord?

Yes. Honda Accord double din dash parts are available with a gapless finish to fit securely to your radio. Many of the dash kits support ISO double din dash mounts. The double din kits often come equipped with sections for dual climate control. These double din dash kits are usually made of a plastic finish. Some dash kits are constructed with a cut-out place for storage that sits just below the radio.

What are some other available Honda Accord parts?

Other Honda Accord interior parts include:

  • Switches and controls: Window and door controls are available for both the driver and passenger side. These controls allow you to open and close windows and lock and unlock doors. Master controls can be acquired as well for the driver’s side.
  • Seat covers: You can change the look and color of your seats by installing covers. These come in a variety of colors to match the original color of your seats, or you can change the color according to your liking. They are constructed in designs of leather and other fabrics.
  • Window motors: Driver- and passenger-side window motors are available and often come equipped with a regulator. When installing, wire splicing may not be needed. Window motors may come in a package of one or two. Packages that come in two are often for the left and right front windows.