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Jeep Cherokee Interior Lights

The Jeep Cherokee has been in continuous production since 1974. There have been five generations of this crossover sport utility vehicle, each offering updates to the exterior and interior styling. Routine use, an impact or a collision may necessitate that you replace an interior light bulb, cover, or an entire interior light assembly in your Jeep Cherokee.

What are the features of Jeep Cherokee interior lights?
  • Accepts different types of light bulbs: The fifth generation of the Cherokee accepts light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs in its inside lights. Other generations of these vehicles may be compatible with LED bulb conversion kits. The Jeeps also accept incandescent bulbs for inside lights.
  • Shatterproof glass covers: The covers for the inside lights in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and other trim levels of the Cherokee are made from shatterproof glass. This helps to prevent you from being injured by shards of glass if a hard object impacts the light or if there is a collision.
  • Wired harnesses for ease of installation: The assembly kits for the inside lights come with harnesses that are already wired. This makes the installation process easier for a light assembly replacement.
How do you choose interior lights for the Jeep Cherokee?
  • Choose the model year and trim level of your Cherokee: Choose the year that your Jeep Grand Cherokee or other trim type was built. Different years of production have different light bulb acceptance capacities and different sizes and fitments for the light assemblies. Each of the trim levels, such as the Grand Cherokee, also have different shape and fitment requirements for their inside lights.
  • Select the placement in the Jeep vehicle: Select the placement of the inside light in your Jeep Grand Cherokee or other trim style of Jeep that needs its light replaced. There are inside lights around the sun visors, ceiling, dashboard, and console of the Grand Cherokee.
  • Choose a manufacturer for the inside lights: Select Jeep as the original equipment manufacturer of the inside light assemblies for the Grand Cherokee. There are also light bulbs and light assembly kits for the Jeep Grand Cherokee made by other manufacturers, including Dorman, Eiko, Mopar, Philips, Sylvania, and Wagner.
What are the types of lights for the Jeep Cherokee?

There are many types of inside lights for the Cherokee. One type is the light that fits under the dash. This allows you to see items on the floor of the SUV. There are also overhead dome lights. These lights illuminate the passenger cabin of the Jeep so that you can find an item when driving at night. You could also select map lights, which offer direct illumination over the front seats of the SUV, allowing you to read a map or another item. The first and second generations of the Jeep also have lights that are inside of the glove box so that you can more easily find an item that is stored inside of it.