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Interior Lights for GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon has many different interior light fitments that all play important roles in illumination and giving you information. They each take different bulbs, cases, and other parts, and they can differ in color and other aspects.

What are OEM interior lights for the GMC Yukon?

In the car industry, the abbreviation OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Car manufacturers such as GMC do not build every part of each vehicle that they sell. Some elements of construction are outsourced to other companies. These are the OEMs. When you buy a part that is labeled OEM, it means it comes from the same company that produced the part for GMC. That is important because it is an exact replacement for the unit that the car or truck shipped with originally. Any part that is not OEM is classified as aftermarket. It may have different characteristics from the OEM version.

What bulb types are available for Yukon lights?

There are three main types of bulbs that can fit the Yukons needs, depending on the model year you own: LED, halogen, and incandescent. They differ in a few key ways. The most obvious one is brightness. LEDs are brighter than either halogen or incandescent bulbs. For interior lighting, that is noticeable even in evening light. An LED bulb will last longer than a halogen or incandescent bulb. LED is the advanced technology for bulbs, and most new vehicles will use them exclusively. Halogen and incandescent do have some advantages. They cast an omnidirectional glow rather than the focused beam of the LED bulbs. Their color temperature is also different. Both halogen and incandescent bulbs have a lower color temperature, which means that their light is yellow. LEDs have a higher color temperature, so they have a white or even blue tint. This is purely aesthetic and does not affect the actual heat that the bulbs give off.

What shape are the interior bulbs for the GMC Yukon?

The Yukon uses several different shapes of bulbs. The most common ones are dome lamps and festoon bulbs. Within those archetypes, there are different arrangements of diodes on the bulb, which affects how much light it creates and where the light falls.

Are Yukon interior lights sold in sets?

Yes. Depending on the type of light, you can find them as single units all the way up to groups of 20 or more. Smaller bulbs and ones that burn out more quickly come in larger groups.