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Icon Motorcycle Boots

Icon Motorsports is a leading retailer of motorcycles and gear. Since 2002, Icon has designed and built products specially made for the 21st-century motorcycle rider. Their wide catalog of boots has something for riders from every walk of life.

What makes Icon boots durable footwear?

Like all Icon products, Icon boots are made to a high industry standard and can withstand the unforgiving roads of asphalt. All of their footwear is made up of leather outsides with cotton, plastic, or composite fiber inside paddings. Their fastening straps also make the boots sturdy yet easy to put on and take off.

How do you find Icon motorcycle boots that fit?

The company’s boots use the same size units as a regular shoe. Icon sizes their shoes with U.S. shoe sizes, and their boots sizes are based on the length of the largest in a pair of feet. In order to get a U.S. shoe size for men, the length in inches is multiplied by three. Then subtract 23.5 from the result. Womens footwear is determined using the same formula, except you would subtract 20.5 instead of 23.5.

What is the Icon Patrol 2?

The Icon Patrol 2 are lightweight and waterproof motorcycle boots. It is one of the most flexible products in the catalog yet remains as durable as the others. The waterproofing is able to resist snow, deep mud, and light water pressure, so it is suited for the off-road biker as well. The lacing is easy to use and comes with micro-adjustments. It also comes with inserts for extra ankle and heel support. The Patrol 2 comes in both black and brown styles, which will match with helmets of any color.

What is the Icon 1000 Retrograde boot?

The Icon 1000 Retrograde is a boot that brings together aesthetics and ethics. This black or brown boot harkens back to the classic look of 1970s bikers with a metal front plate. The retrograde also has a non-slip sole, adjustable strap, and back zipper.

What is the Icon 1000 Elsinore boot?

The Elsinore is as deluxe as it gets in the Icon boot catalog. The five-strapped powerhouse is suitable for both motocross fans and highway bikers alike. With its top grain leather, cast metal buckles, and internal ankle plate, the Elsinore boot holds it together for the roughest rides. This boot comes in three styles: black, brown, and HP. The difference between the HP style and the others is that the HP has a metal plate on the front and the leather has more of a shine, as opposed to the others which offer a matte texture. This “shine” is only for aesthetic purposes; its for those looking to match their helmets and jackets.