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Choosing the Right Ice Cream Maker

Going to the grocery store doesnt have to be the only way to enjoy a quart of frozen desserts. An at-home ice cream maker lets you serve up preferred flavors in no time. The device operates in a manner no different from a traditional Cuisinart, so you dont have to worry about complicated steps.

What kinds of desserts can you make with these machines?

You can whip up all kinds of unique flavors of homemade ice cream, but you need not be limited to ice cream alone. With little tweaks to the recipes, you could make several varieties of desserts. The selection of desserts includes but is not limited to:

  • Gelato
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Sorbet
How much homemade ice cream does an at-home machine make?

The answer depends on the particular model of ice cream maker you select when you purchase this appliance on eBay. One particular small maker could produce up to 1.5 quarts. A larger ice cream maker could make up to 4 quarts. Be aware that a 4-quart device can make less ice cream as well. The 4 refers to the maximum amount of ice cream the freeze machine produces. Oversized units require more kitchen space. Smaller ones may be easier to transport.

What do you need to create ice cream?

You use three primary ingredients to make ice cream in a home machine: rock salt, ice, and the chosen ice cream mix. Not every machine, however, requires the inclusion of salt or ice. Users have the option to add other ingredients to the mix. For example, a newfound ice cream chef may toss chocolate chips into a vanilla or chocolate ice cream mix. Include fruit, candy, and more to customize your dessert. Also, you have the option to choose between hard and soft-serve ice cream with particular models.

Does the ice cream maker come with a cooling system?

A specific ice cream maker may point out that you don?t need a freezer since a built-in cooling system creates the ice cream. You might even be able to watch the mixture of ingredients freeze turn into ice cream thanks to a see-through cover. Not every model is the same, though. Always refer to the product description for the exact answer for each model.