Hot Wheels Monster Jam Diecast Vehicle Playsets

Hot Wheels has been making die-cast replicas of Monster Jam trucks for several years. There are hundreds of these licensed monster truck toys to collect and play with. Numerous Hot Wheels Monster Jam die-cast vehicle playsets are available.

How many different truck sets have been made?

There have been dozens of Monster Jam sets made over the years. In addition to those, there have also been truck collection packs. These include "Then and Now" packs and "Versus" sets. Monster Jam trucks even work with a number of regular Hot Wheels sets. Here is a list of some of the sets that have been released:

  • Front Flip Takedown Playset
  • Gravedigger Boneyard Bash
  • Pirate Takedown
  • Dragon Blast Challenge
  • Sto 'N Go Playset
Are Hot Wheels racetracks compatible with Monster Jam trucks?

One of the features of Mattel's Hot Wheels Monster Jam brand is the compatibility with other toys in the franchise. Regular racetracks can also be used with Monster Jam sets. Most of the monster trucks will be able to fit on the tracks, as a standard track piece fits one truck tire. With this in mind, side-by-side track sets can be used to hold one monster truck. Some trucks are even made with specific track tires so they go fast on the standard racetracks. Likewise, all the regular Hot Wheels cars can be used with one of the Monster Jam sets.

Do these sets require batteries or electricity to work?

Hot Wheels sets seldom need batteries. Hot Wheels Monster Jam sets are no different in this regard. They do not require batteries or power outlets to function, and any moving parts are powered by kinetic energy. Many sets have launching gimmicks or spring-loaded mechanisms, none of which require electric power to function.

What scale size do these Monster Jam sets use?

The main line of Monster Jams toys is made in a 1:64 scale size. Mattel makes larger trucks under the Hot Wheels banner, but these play sets are mostly for the 1:64 sized monster trucks. The one exception is for the Mini Monster line of sets and toys. These are tiny versions of the monster trucks meant for easy storage and mobility. Most of the mini sets can fold up and store all the small cars within the set itself.

Do Monster Jam sets come with trucks?

Most of the sets come with at least one truck. Some sets are even collections of Monster Jam trucks, frequently with a specific theme. Others come with an exclusive vehicle that cannot be purchased anywhere else outside of that specific set. These may be entirely different vehicles or just a repainted version of a toy model.

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