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Hoods for Jeep TJ

You can quickly equip your Jeep TJ with a hood that has a matching paint scheme. Many manufacturers build multiple traditional options and designer pieces, so picking a suitable component that can enhance value or curb appeal is not challenging. Crown, Daystar, and Mopar are just a few of the name brands that engineer hoods for Jeep TJ vehicles.

What are the design specs for general hood options?

Steel is one of the principal materials used to construct hoods for Jeep automobiles. It is a highly durable and robust material because priming procedures increase its stability and strength. You will find many prime steel hoods that have bright or neutral color tones. These hoods have robust housings with glossy coatings, and the centers of the paneling lack traditional air circulation vents. Custom hood products designed with multiple air ports that optimize engine efficiency are options for sporty Jeep vehicles.

What are the accessory options for Jeep TJ hoods?
  • Locking mechanisms can increase stability and safety, as they have rubber components that effectively grip the housing on a typical hood. Jeep locking products are stylish as they come in practical color schemes that blend with the paint on traditional and sporty Jeeps.
  • Brackets also boost security on and around a hood; each of these parts is constructed with a latch that holds a hood in place. Most manufacturers sell brackets in 2-piece sets.
  • Latches and a prop retainer clip can be used when you need to hold a hood in a strategic spot. Hood prop components are tough and rugged, so a hood will not drop or shift after the hardware is secured.
  • Hood locks specifically built for Jeep automobiles can be used when enhanced security is needed. A typical product kit includes the main locking component, a key, and several mounting pieces. Jeep hood locks are dependable since they can protect intake components, batteries, and other parts.
What product options can enhance a standard hood?

Traditional and replacement venting slabs are practical options for hoods that require increased air distribution. Vents are constructed with custom elements, so you can select a proper part that fits the compartment on a specific kind of hood without any hassle. By replacing a broken slab with a new custom vent, you will boost curb appeal and engine efficiency. Your motor will operate more efficiently because the vent will strategically manage temperatures generated under the hood.