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Safeguard Your Home with a Security Camera

A home security system offers peace of mind, helping to deter burglars while also giving you video evidence if someone does decide to break into your house. However, there are a huge variety of home security cameras on the market, so it can be difficult to know which is suitable for you. Offering a compact design, vandal-proof housing, and the ability to endure dirty environments, dome cameras, such as those produced by Hikvision, may be the ideal choice.

Why Should You Get a Home Security Camera?

Most people purchase a home security camera to make their residence a safer place and hopefully deter any would-be robbers or potential trespassers. For those who do experience a break-in, it can also be a helpful means of identifying the perpetrator and preventing any incidents from happening in the future.

  • Home security cameras can also be a useful way of keeping an eye on your pets or any elderly relatives who may be spending their days at home while you're at work. With the addition of a remote video, you can easily check up on them throughout the day or check in on what the kids are doing while you're away.
  • Some home insurance companies actually offer lower premiums if you have a home security system in place, so it may reward you for many years to come.

Which Types of Home Security Cameras Are Available?

Home security cameras come in a wide range of types, including box-style cameras that enable you to customize the length of the lens and dome cameras that are quite compact in their appearance.

  • Pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras enable the operator to remotely pan and tilt the lens to focus on an area of interest or zoom out to encompass a wider space.
  • Bullet cameras are a good option for low-light conditions requiring night vision, and commonly incorporate infrared illuminators.
  • IP cameras are capable of transmitting a digital signal using Internet Protocol over a network and are favored for video surveillance work.

What Are the Advantages of a Dome Security Camera?

A dome camera functions like most other cameras but is enclosed in a dome-shaped housing that makes it suitable for environments where it may otherwise get dirty.

  • While there's less chance of a vandal trying to damage a dome security camera due to its shape, you can also find models with vandal-proof protective casing for extra peace of mind.
  • You can find dome cameras with PTZ features as well as those that are capable of recording in low-light conditions or with IP camera capabilities.

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