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High Frequency Facial Machine

Many different brands from around the world produce high-frequency facial machines. These machines come in a number of different models and types. Find a high-frequency facial machine that fits your specifications.

What is a high-frequency facial machine?

A high-frequency facial machine is a type of skin care device used by professional dermatologists and cosmetologists. This device directs high-frequency electrical current at the face of a patient, and this current is usually applied with a glass electrode wand. This current was originally developed by Nikola Tesla in the 1800s, and it is usually applied at a frequency between 100,000 Hz and 250,000 Hz.

These devices are used to address serious cases of acne, treat wrinkles, eliminate bags under the eyes, and contribute to overall skin health. Most professionals go through extensive training to learn how to use one of these devices.

What types of high-frequency facial machines are offered?

Here are some common types of high-frequency facial devices:

  • High-frequency devices with steamers: These devices are equipped with attachments that produce hot steam. This steam is directed at the patients face, and it helps open the pores in the patients skin. Open pores help facilitate the high-frequency facial process.
  • High-frequency devices with vacuums: These models are equipped with a suction source. This vacuum is used to suck up any dead skin cells or other debris that may be generated in the course of the dermal treatment.
  • High-frequency devices with carts: These devices come equipped with rolling carts. The device is placed on top of the cart, and there are usually one or two shelves below the top shelf. These shelves can be used to store electrode attachments, towels, or other equipment.
  • Handheld high-frequency devices: These models are usually used for home treatment. They do not produce the same amount of power as a professional model but can be used for basic touch-up treatment. They usually come in a box complete with numerous electrode attachments.
How do you use a high-frequency facial machine?

Follow these steps to use a high-frequency dermatological device:

  • Remove the device from its box. If it is a rolling device, install the wheels and any other required components before use.
  • Connect the device to a power source. These devices run off of 110V or 120V current.
  • Select an attachment to use for the treatment. A variety of different shapes of attachments are produced. Choose the attachment that is best suited for the intended purposes.
  • Connect the electrode attachment, and turn on the skin care device. Apply the device gently to the face.
  • Move across the entire face if you are applying an overall treatment or focus the attachment at one particular area if you are treating an issue like bags under the eyes or wrinkles.
  • When youre done, turn off the device and clean any used attachments thoroughly.