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Pontiac G8 Headlights

Pontiac G8 headlights come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Although each has a specific function, different bulb types can be used in each car. Cleaning your Pontiac headlights regularly helps to maintain their efficiency, although replacements are also an option.

What styles of headlights are available?

Headlights come in four main styles, including:

  • Individualized: Individualized styles feature options to blend darker bezels with lighter lenses or vice versa. You can also find styles that match darker bezels with shaded lenses and light bezels with clear lenses. Bezels may come in different shades of metal or can be coated with a variety of different hues.
  • Factory: G8 factory styles are typically light hued bezels with clear lenses. These keep the light as white as possible, regardless of the bulb type being used. The look is consistent across bezels and lenses. Factory styles come in a variety of different shapes as well.
  • Projector: G8 projector lights include a variety of styles, such as DRL bar designs, LED headlights, and halo lights. These models are designed to focus light more narrowly and cast a bright beam at a longer distance in front of the Pontiac than a standard headlight. DRL bar lights have a bar at the top that focuses the shine while LEDs function more as a product of the bulb itself. Halo models have a ring around the main headlight that illuminates terrain a long distance in front of the car.
  • Daytime running: Pontiac G8 daytime running lights are designed to stay on, regardless if the headlights are turned off. This provides enhanced visibility to other drivers on the road. These lights also help alert other drivers of your Pontiac G8’s presence, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.
How do you clean Pontiac headlights?

Pontiac headlights can be cleaned as part of regular car washes. However, if there is inclement weather or your headlights are uncharacteristically dirty, you may choose to wash them separately.

  1. Apply a mixture of warm water and soap with a soft sponge.
  2. Wash the headlights until they are clean, and then rinse them with clean water.
  3. Dry them with another soft cloth, being careful not to scratch them.
What bulb varieties can you put in this vehicles headlights?

LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs can all power Pontiac G8 sedan headlights. LEDs are small, energy-efficient bulbs, and last for a long time compared to other bulb types. Halogen designs include a quartz capsule in the middle that contains a filament, and these bulbs burn especially white and bright. Incandescent bulbs give off a yellow light as opposed to bright white one.

What is the difference between fog lights and headlights?

G8 fog lights are positioned low on the front of a Pontiac under the headlights. They illuminate terrain from the bottom during a drive, which can be helpful when trying to see through haze or in inclement weather. Headlights, on the other hand, sit higher on the vehicle. Their light also reaches a bit farther.