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Headlights for Pontiac G5

Pontiac G5 coupe headlights come in a variety of styles. Headlights are intended to help drivers see when there is little natural light left in the sky. With a wide selection of Pontiac headlights, you can find a set to fit your particular model.

What styles of headlights are available?
  • Individualized headlights provide options for mixing and matching different shades of bezels and lenses. Some come in clear and lighter tones while others are available in different shades of gray and darker hues. This allows for a variety of color combinations, depending upon the owneru001as taste and aesthetic preferences.
  • Factory styles are usually clear lenses with lightly colored bezels. These come in many different shapes to suit lots of models and years of Pontiac G5s.
  • Projector headlights include DRL beams, LEDs, and halo designs. All of these styles are intended to narrow light so that it shines especially brightly and reveals terrain and road further than normal in front of the Pontiac. This can increase safety in unfamiliar areas or in times of inclement weather and precipitation. DRL beams utilize a bar shape to narrow and focus light, while halo beams do the same thing with a ring shape around the center of the headlight. LED styles refer to the particular type of bulb that is used to power them.
What types of bulbs are there for the G5 coupe?

LEDs, halogens, and incandescents are all available for Pontiac headlights. LED bulbs are notoriously bright and shine in a white tone. They are small bulbs that last for a long period of time and require fairly little energy to function. Halogen bulbs burn brightly as well, and they utilize a capsule in the middle to protect a filament. Incandescent bulbs are more standard, are widely available, and burn in a yellower hue.

What is the difference between driving lights and headlights?

Driving lights are situated near headlights on the Pontiac G5, although they remain on all the time regardless of the amount of light in the sky or time of day. Daytime running lights are intended to alert other drivers of the Pontiacu001as presence continuously; they increase visibility. Headlights are turned on when there is little natural light left in the sky and drivers need more light to see and to drive safely.

How do you clean headlights on your vehicle?

Headlights are typically cleaned as part of the routine cleaning process, but they can be washed separately. Mix warm water and soap together to apply to a soft sponge. Rub headlights until they are free of dirt and debris, and then rinse them with clean water. Dry your headlights with another soft cloth. If hard water spots develop on them, mix a paste of baking soda and vinegar. Apply the paste to the headlights and rinse it off after it dries.