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Plymouth Voyager Headlights

Plymouth Voyager headlights come in all different styles. They utilize different types of bulbs, depending on the desired function and look for your vehicle. Clean your Plymouth’s headlights regularly to maintain a clear view for the utmost driving safety.

What styles of headlights are available for your Voyager model?

Headlights come in all different styles, including individualized, factory styles, and projector designs.

  • Individualized Plymouth headlights can be altered to include bezels and lenses of different shades. Some are darker grey, while others are lighter and closer to clear. Various combinations are possible to achieve different looks.
  • Plymouth factory styles are typically pre-matched in clear or lighter tones that include both bezels and lenses. These models come in all different shapes and silhouettes to suit a variety of aesthetic tastes.
  • Plymouth Voyager projector designs include DRL, LED, and halo headlights. All three of these categories specialize in focusing light more narrowly so that the beams are especially bright and illuminate the terrain further in front of the Voyager. This may be helpful in unfamiliar areas or poor weather conditions. DRL lights utilize a bar format to illuminate, while halo lights utilize a ring around the center light. Plymouth LED designs refer to the type of bulb utilized rather than a specific pattern or look.
What types of bulbs are utilized in Voyager headlights?

LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs are all possibilities for the Plymouth Voyager. Incandescent bulbs are typical light bulbs that burn more of a yellow hue as opposed to strict white. Halogen bulbs have a capsule in the middle to house the filament and burn brightly. LED bulbs are small, long lasting, and energy efficient. They tend to burn white.

How do you clean headlights?

Plymouth Voyager headlights are typically cleaned as a part of regular car washes, but if you need to clean them separately, you can. Utilize warm water and soap mixed together into a solution. Apply the mixture to a sponge and rub the headlights until they are free of debris and grime. Once they are clean, rinse them with water and dry them with a soft cloth.

How do fog and driving lights complement Voyager headlights?

Fog lights are positioned low on the Plymouth Voyager to illuminate terrain from the bottom. This helps to see through inclement weather and haze more effectively than headlights alone, which shine into the air head-on. Daytime driving lights illuminate the vehicle at all levels of light and times of day. This helps to improve your view for oncoming traffic all the time, as opposed to merely at night or in bad weather.