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Headlights for Lincoln MKS

The Lincoln MKS is a luxury sedan model produced in the United States by Ford. With its distinctive Lincoln front grille and sleek lines, the MKS is quite noticeable. A common part of the car that may need replacement is the headlight.

What kinds of headlights does the Lincoln MKS use?

The Lincoln is a luxury sedan that comes from the factory with HID, or High-Intensity Discharge, headlights. There are other choices available if you would like to customize or replace your headlights. The options for headlights include the following.

  • HID headlights: High-intensity discharge headlights, also known as xenon headlights, are the standard in all MKS trims. These headlights provide even and bright full-spectrum light with a cooler shine than other headlight types. Instead of using a filament as halogen headlights would HID headlights instead use electrodes to heat up and fluoresce the gas inside the bulb.
  • LED headlights: A great budget option that still provides solid lighting and a futuristic look is the LED headlight. This is a bundle of small lights that reflect, refract, and amplify to form concentrated beams of light. While LED lights are more commonly seen in taillights, they are becoming a more viable choice for headlights in Ford vehicles.
  • Halogen headlights: By far the most common headlight type is the halogen headlight. These utilize a tungsten filament and halogen-filled bulb. The bulb lights up when the filament has electricity passed through it. This, in turn, heats up the gas, converting electricity to light.
What headlight technology does the Lincoln MKS have?

The Lincoln MKS features two futuristic technologies specific to the headlights.

  • Adaptive high beam control: One of the most difficult parts of driving at night is staring into the high beams of another car coming from the opposite direction. With the Lincolns adaptive high beam technology, you dont have to manually turn the high beams on and off. The vehicle automatically detects oncoming traffic and turns off the high beams when the car is a certain distance away. Once the traffic has passed, the car will turn the high beams back on.
  • Steering wheel synchronization: Another difficulty of driving at night is seeing where the road goes around a curve. This is especially dangerous on winding rural roads. The Lincoln helps solve this problem by including active synchronization of its HID headlights with the steering wheel, allowing you to see a bit ahead of the curve by angling the headlamps in the direction youre turning.