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Jeep Cherokee Headlights

Jeep manufactured the Cherokee, also known as the XJ, between 1983 and 2001, and marketed it as a sports wagon, the predecessor of the sport utility vehicle. The Cherokee was released in several different trim levels and has both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive options, making it a candidate for off-road driving. Jeep Cherokee headlights reflect the styling of the Cherokee and Jeep brand with their simple, functional, and rugged profile.

How do Jeep Cherokee fog lights work?

Fog lights have a very particular purpose and are used for much-needed visibility in inclement conditions. When there is significant fog, mist, or snow, fog lights are positioned to shine the light at a steep downward angle, providing light on the road while preventing light scatter into the air and prevalent particles. The beam is also wide, meaning that more road surface is visible.

What is a sealed beam headlight?

A sealed beam headlight consists of one or more filaments, a curved reflector, and a lens that is permanently attached to the rest of the headlight assembly. These kinds of headlights are the classic automobile headlight with an aesthetic that reaches back into the late 1930s when the use of these types of headlights on vehicles was mandated by federal law. At first, low and high-beam functionality was achieved with two or more filaments in a single lamp, but later headlights were clustered with one lamp providing high beam and another providing low beam. In a sealed beam headlight, the entire assembly must be replaced if there is any damage to the lens, reflector, or if the filament burns out.

What are the benefits of using halogen headlights for Jeeps?

If you are looking to preserve historic appeal or nostalgia, then halogens are the way to go as they were the default headlight option when Jeep Cherokees were still in production. Halogen headlights provide a high level of functionality while still maintaining the classic Jeep aesthetic.

What are the benefits of using LED headlights?

Several aftermarket parts providers make LED headlights for the Jeep Cherokee. You have the ability to change the look of your Jeep considerably by using LED headlights, no matter the model year. LED headlights provide unparalleled brightness, as well, and do it with very little power, which means less wear and tear on the battery and alternator. Another benefit to using LEDs is their life span. LED headlights are built and designed to last over time, which translates into less maintenance and fewer repairs needed on your Jeep Cherokee.