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Headlights for Hyundai Azera

Headlights for Hyundai Azera

Shine a path for your sedan to follow with powerful headlight bulbs and assemblies for the Hyundai Azera. With options available for every year and model of Azera, it is easy to find the parts that you want. Just select the headlights that match the suave lines and considerable authority that your Hyundai vehicle commands on the road.

What types of headlights are available for the Hyundai Azera?

The two types of headlight technologies most commonly used in the Azera are high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). HID bulbs are considered the gold standard when it comes to headlight illuminators, and they last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. These headlight bulbs consist of a glass housing that contains two tungsten electrodes. When the diodes are electrified, and a noble gas is released into the housing, a brilliant electrical arc manifests between the diodes. LEDs do not contain any glass or electrodes and are instead composed of various semiconductor materials. This technology is incredibly energy efficient and takes up little space. LEDs run cool, and each diode lasts at least 50,000 hours.

Should both headlights be changed at the same time?

When only one headlight in your Hyundai model is faulty, it can be tempting to replace just the single component and leave the other headlight alone. But replacing only one HID headlight may result in an unbalanced look that is not only aesthetically displeasing but can also be distracting to other drivers. You should, therefore, replace both headlights simultaneously.

How do you replace headlight assemblies in a Hyundai Azera?

When upgrading to LED headlights, installing smoked headlights, or replacing a cracked headlight lens, it is often necessary to replace both headlight assemblies. Replacing the headlight assemblies on a Hyundai Azera is simple and only requires a socket wrench and a 10-millimeter socket. Follow these straightforward steps to replace the headlight assemblies in your Hyundai.

  • Turn off the engine and open the hood. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and pick a side to start.
  • Locate and remove the two 10-millimeter bolts situated on top of the headlight assembly. Locate and remove the third and final bolt on the backside of the assembly near the radiator.
  • Pull the headlight assembly partially free of the vehicle and disconnect the electrical harness. Discard the old assembly.
  • Connect the electrical harness to the new assembly and insert it into the cavity. Install the rear bolt first and then the two top bolts.
  • Repeat these steps for the opposite assembly, then reconnect the negative battery terminal. Start the engine to test the headlights.