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Honda Ridgeline Headlights

The Honda Ridgeline truck is known for its automatic transmission, attractive tailgate, high safety rating, smooth steering behind the wheel, and excellent AWD performance. All different styles of Honda Ridgeline headlights are available, including custom, factory, projector, LED, DRL bar, halo, euro, fog lights, and daytime running lights. Headlights are made from different combinations of metal, plastic, and glass, and clean headlights regularly to maximize efficiency.

What types of Honda custom and factory headlights are available?
  • Honda Ridgeline custom headlights are available in different housing and lens styles. Housing refers to the space around the headlights, which is most commonly either black or metallic. Lenses can be completely clear, which provides a lighter look or a grayish hue that is slightly darker in color. Different combinations of shapes, bezels, and insets create lots of combinations for custom Honda looks.
  • Factory headlights for Ridgelines come in different styles and typically metallic housing with clear lenses. Different shapes are available to suit a variety of aesthetic tastes. These combinations are slightly more standardized.
What are some qualities of Honda’s projector and LED headlights?
  • Projector lights for Hondas are designed to illuminate further ahead of the vehicle than standard lights. Some, once installed, are the standard look for the vehicle. Others can be switched on and off to illuminate extra ground when necessary, such as in dark driving conditions or storms.
  • LED models use small, long-lasting bulbs that are energy efficient. LED models are some of the most environmentally friendly and are typically considered practical and functional. The LED light can be perceived as having a white tone.
What do DRL bar, halo, and euro designs offer?
  • DRL bar designs for Honda Ridgelines provide stronger beams of light that are very focused. These models are efficient for vehicles that will be driven frequently at night or in inclement weather. Halo headlights are another type of projector light that allow the driver to see further ahead. Halos function as rings around the headlight itself that illuminate in either white or blue, depending on the particular design. They function as extreme high beams.
  • Honda Euro designs typically have a standard bulb and a comprehensive reflector with a lot of facets to spread light out widely. Shapes differ depending on the particular design; edges can be angled, rounded, or straight.
What are the functions of fog and daytime running lights?
  • Fog lights typically sit next to Ridgeline headlights and provide a lower, shorter beam of light to enable visibility through dense haze. Some Honda designs have fog lights that are on all the time, regardless of whether headlights are on or not. This increases general visibility and safety.
  • Daytime running lights are similar. These stay on when the vehicle is on, regardless of whether headlights are on. Their primary function is to increase and maximize visibility during the day.