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Headlights for GMC Sonoma

GMC Sonoma Headlights

Drive safely at night or during poor weather conditions with a set of powerful headlights for your GMC Sonoma. With so many different lighting types, styles, and assemblies to peruse, narrowing down your choices can be challenging. These five questions and answers reveal key details about GMC headlights to consider while shopping.

What are GMC Sonoma sealed headlights?

Sealed, or sealed beam, are the more common type of headlight assembly for the GMC Sonoma. Sealed-beam headlights for your truck have a one-piece housing that is hermetically sealed. This hermetic sealing provides maximum prevention of dust and water ingression.

The alternative, composite headlights, have housing consisting of multiple pieces that are dust and water resistant. Composite headlights can withstand exposure to the elements and bad weather through years of use. Since composite headlights consist of multiple pieces, you can change certain pieces as needed, especially bulbs.

What GMC Sonoma headlight styles are there?

Headlight styles vary seasonally, but there are several styles that will suit many needs. All are available for the GMC Sonoma and other GMC vehicles:

  • Factory - These are aftermarket versions of original headlights you might otherwise purchase from your GMC dealer.
  • Euro - These are streamlined models that have trendy, aerodynamic profiles.
  • Reflector - These headlights boast reflective housing that amplifies the brilliance of the emitted light.
  • Projector - These lights contain specially shaped reflective housing and shutters that focus the emitted illumination into beams.
  • Halo - The lights emit circular headlight patterns resembling rings or an angels corona.
Which truck bulbs or headlights are brighter?

Fortunately, there are intensely bright bulbs of all types, including LED, halogen, xenon, High-Intensity Discharge, and Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lighting. To gauge brightness, examine the lumens instead of the watts or bulb type. The rules for optimal lumen levels are quite soft. Making a choice comes down to your requirements and circumstances.

Some rural drivers who primarily commute in the dark prefer more lumens. Lower lumens are sufficient for daytime lights or smaller fixtures. Lumen levels for headlights range from 8000 to the hundreds of thousands.

What is a GMC HB4 LED kit?

This kit lets you convert your existing headlight bulbs to LED HB4. More than likely, your current Sonoma assembly contains halogen. Some conversion kits let you convert your assembly from single-beam to dual-beam, or from one size to another. These conversions offer functional and aesthetic results in terms of color temperature and savings. With LED conversions, you get to keep your familiar assembly while capitalizing on the efficiency of LED.

How do you use color temperature?

Color temperature is a kind of shorthand that tells you the hue or shade of a particular light. Lights with lower color temperatures seem warmer and more yellow, whereas lights with higher color temperatures are whiter, or even crystal-bluish. Headlight color temperatures range from 4500K to 10000K, with "K" standing for "Kelvin," a unit of thermodynamic measurement. Average headlight color temperatures are typically 5000K to 8000K.

Xenon and HID lights tend to be higher on the color temperature spectrum, emitting brilliant, crystal-blue light. Note: Xenon and HID lights are more common for high beams, which entail very specific usage according to driving laws in some states.