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Chrysler PT Cruiser Headlights

Chrysler PT Cruiser vehicle headlights transform dark surroundings and low visibility into navigable landscapes. Headlights also allow you to communicate with other motorists. Whether you are replacing headlights or looking to upgrade, you can find headlights for your Chrysler PT Cruiser car.

What is a headlight assembly composed of?

A headlight assembly is a tightly sealed, relatively self-contained unit consisting of a headlight bulb, lens, and reflector. The housing comes in different colors, and the shapes vary depending on the manufacturer and placement, such as driver side or passenger side. Assemblies are available containing a range of bulb quantities, but two bulbs and four bulbs are most common.

Assemblies are the opposite of composite headlights, which contain the lens and the actual headlights as separate units. The former type is airtight and watertight, while the latter type lets you replace components individually as needed. Both are reliable options worth considering for your PT Cruiser.

What types of headlights can you get for your Chrysler?

There are four main types of headlights that are widely used across the auto industry: LED, Halogen, xenon, and HID. LED, or light-emitting diode, emits light when electrons recombine with electron holes after electricity interacts with a two-lead semiconductor.

Halogen refers to a group of related elements, including chlorine and iodine. Halogen headlights contain a filament, usually made of tungsten. When electricity passes through the filament, it glows. The halogen gas inside the bulb prolongs the life of the filament and prevents the bulbs glass from darkening.

Xenon headlight bulbs contain xenon, a noble gas. The gas supports an initial electrical spark that leaps, or arcs, between two electrodes, usually made of tungsten. HID, or high-intensity discharge, models function much the same way, except they have less distance between their electrodes, and the internal gas may be xenon or mercury vapors.

What is a halo projected light?

Halo indicates a circular arrangement of illumination. Theyre also called Angel Eyes and Corona Rings. Halo products are very similar to projector beam products, which contain sources of illumination arrayed in a circular pattern. Improved directionality is the purported benefit here for your PT Cruiser car. These products provide illumination that is more focused on the road, with reduced light scatter.

Depending on a variety of personal factors, halo may be better suited to your needs while youre driving your PT Cruiser. However, you may also find traditional products that emit bright light over a wide area equally helpful for your Chrysler model vehicle. Both types emit pronounced illumination that is quite useful in poor visibility, bad weather, long stretches of highway, and dark roads in rural or off-road landscapes.

Why do some products say 6000K?

This a color temperature, called Kelvin. It describes the color and appearance of a given type of illumination. Color and appearance of illumination always correspond to specific Kelvin ranges. For example, temperatures above 5,000 denote a color and appearance similar to natural light or daylight.