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Chrysler 200 Headlights

Headlights have made it possible to drive vehicles at night or in conditions of low visibility. Trying to drive a vehicle with non-working headlights is not an option. If the headlights in your Chrysler 200 model are not functioning, it is time to buy replacements.

What kind of bulbs are in the Chrysler 200s headlights?

The Chrysler 200u001as headlights have halogen bulbs, so a filament made of a metal with a high melting point is heated and reacts with halogen gases in the bulb. You can also opt for Xenon or high-intensity discharge lights. These dazzlingly bright lights work through an electric arc between two electrodes found inside the bulb. They are very efficient and last a long time. If you want to exchange the halogen lights in your sedan for Xenon lights, you will need to install a ballast to increase the voltage.

How do you replace a headlight on the Chrysler 200?
  • First, turn the vehicles steering wheel in the opposite direction of the headlight you need to fix or replace. This turns the front wheels in a way that gives you more room to work.
  • Remove the screws and bolts that secure the access flap found at the front of the Chrysleru001as splash guard, and then gently pry the flap up.
  • Take off the dust cover at the back of the headlamp housing, and put it aside.
  • You should be able to see the base of the light bulb. Give it a counterclockwise quarter turn, and then pull it straight out. Then, push down the end of a gray tab. This will allow the old lightbulbs retaining clip to be released. If it resists, try a flathead screw driver to lift it out.
  • Remove the connector from the base of the light bulb.
  • Push the power plug into the base of the new bulb until you hear a click. Be careful not to touch the glass of the bulb. If you do, clean it with rubbing alcohol.
  • Push the new bulb into the housing, and turn it one quarter turn clockwise. This will lock it in place.
  • Replace the dust cap and the access flap. Replace all screws and bolts, and then check your headlights.
Can you buy a set of headlights for your Chrysler?

Sets of headlights are available for the right side and the left side of your car. It may be a good idea to buy a pair even if only one of your headlights needs replacing. It lowers the risk of buying one headlight and then having to buy another in the future that fits the car but might not quite match the other headlight.