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BMW 328i Headlights

The BMW 3 Series is in a class by itself, and the 328i is one BMW that shines as both a sedan and a coupe. Headlights are an essential safety feature for your BMW 328i. As the driver of your BMW, you have several options for styles and bulb types, and youll want to consider the brightness, power, and efficiency of the lights.

What should you consider when buying headlights for your BMW?

When purchasing headlights for your BMW 3 Series sedan or coupe, there are a few factors youll want to keep in mind:

  • Compatibility: The headlights should be designed to fit your BMW 328i.
  • Style: You may want headlights that give your vehicle a new look.
  • Bulb type: Headlights can have halogen bulbs, HID bulbs, or LEDs.
  • Housing style: Headlights can have reflector or projector housings. A projector housing provides a more focused beam.
What types of bulb are available?
  • Halogen: A halogen bulb has a tungsten filament. It is filled with halogen gas to make the light brighter on your BMW.
  • HID/xenon: A high-intensity discharge bulb is filled with xenon gas. It has two electrodes that produce an electrical arc to provide light. These lights are intense and long-lasting.
  • LEDs: These lights use LEDs instead of bulbs. They are long-lasting, efficient, and available in stylish configurations.
What is the difference between reflector and projector headlights?

Reflector headlights are set in a reflective housing that reflects the light onto the road. Projector headlights are set in a reflective housing known as a "projection bowl." This housing reflects the light to a projector lens that creates a focused beam. Either type of housing can be designed for any type of bulb.

Should you replace both headlights?

It is often a good idea to replace both headlights in your BMW sedan or coupe. If one headlight has failed, it is possible that the other will also fail soon. The old one may not be as bright as the new. Replacing both also means you can upgrade to a new style or a more efficient bulb type. However, replacing only one headlight makes sense sometimes, such as when one light has been damaged and the other is still good. In that case, make sure the new light is designed for the side that needs a new one. It should also match the remaining headlight.

Can you replace your cars headlights yourself?

You can change the headlights in your BMW 328i, especially if you are working with halogen or LED lights. The exact process depends on the vehicle and the type of lights involved, but here are some basic steps.

  • Open the hood of your BMW, find the headlight assembly, and disconnect the wiring.
  • Remove the screws that hold the headlight assembly to the housing, and take out the assembly.
  • Put the new assembly in the housing, and screw it in.
  • Connect the wiring to the new headlight assembly.
  • Make sure the new headlights work.