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Headlights for Acura RSX

Headlights for Acura RSX

When youre driving at night, one of the most important safety features on your Acura RSX is your headlights. Having headlights that are in good working order is essential to safe driving at night, and it also ensures that you are more visible to other motorists during the day. When purchasing the components that will work for your vehicle, there are a few important variables to consider, including the year of your RSX, the type of light you want to have, and whether you want an original equipment manufacturer headlight or an aftermarket model.

What types of headlights are available for the RSX?

For the Acura RSX, quality headlights are quite customizable to match your unique personality. You not only have the choice of different fixture types, with different colors to match the color of your vehicle, but you also can choose between different types of bulbs to provide varying levels of light output depending on your needs and desires.

  • Xenon lights provide a bright white light but may also require an auto electrician to install due to the higher amount of power they use.
  • Projector lights utilize LED bulbs to create an intense white light that appears as two rings or halos, offering increased visibility and greater clarity.
How do you replace the headlights on an Acura RSX?

With each re-design of the Acura RSX, the procedure for changing the headlights will change. However, the basic procedure remains the same.

  • First, turn off your vehicle and open the hood.
  • Second, remove any components, which are situated in the rear of the headlight fixture.
  • Third, disconnect the fixture and remove any gaskets around the fixture.
  • Fourth, remove the light fixture containing the bulb, take out the old bulb, and put the replacement bulb in its place.
  • Finally, put the fixture back in place and replace any gaskets. Hook the fixture back up, and then re-install any removed components.
How do you aim Acura RSX headlights?

After installing a replacement bulb, you must adjust it to ensure it is properly aimed. In order to do this, all you need is a screwdriver.

  • First, park your vehicle about 25 feet away from a solid surface wall.
  • Second, turn off your vehicle and open the hood.
  • Third, adjust the aim of the headlight by using a screwdriver to rotate the metal-toothed cylinder located just behind the headlight fixture.
  • Fourth, turn on the vehicle to ensure the headlight achieves the manufacturer-recommended slope downward as measured on the solid surface wall.
  • Finally, close the hood.