Camisas de Motocicleta Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson Shirts

In addition to their legendary repertoire of motorcycles, Harley Davidson sells a variety of licensed and vintage merchandise for their fans. A staple item of most brands merchandise is apparel. For over a century, Harley Davidson has a strong brand community and iconography that is commonly worn on shirts and other apparel.

What is Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson has been a world-famous manufacturer of motorcycles since its inception in 1903. A signature Harley is the vintage heavyweight cruiser with an air cooling unit. This brand is also the one that the vintage "chopper" style motorcycle calls home. They are one of the only motor vehicle manufacturers to have an entire subculture attached to it. They are represented by the iconic orange and black logo, along with imagery including vintage tattoos and skulls.

What types of mens shirts and t-shirts are sold?

The staple of any guys wardrobe, not counting jeans, is the short sleeve t-shirt. The classic t-shirt is casual and made for indoor and outdoor wear. The short sleeve t-shirt with button front is reminiscent of medium sleeve t-shirts that mechanics wear. The linings and designs on Harley shirts are often reminiscent of biker tattoos and car decals. Many t-shirts from this brand come with the vintage, authentic Harley Davidson logo printed on the front pockets and back. Long sleeve t-shirts are a good choice to wear during cooler weather. The case is the same for the long-sleeve zip fleece pullover. Because of the fleece/polyester blend, the wearer can be warm and represent Harley Davidson at the same time. Wear it over a vintage Harley t-shirt for extra comfort and motorcycle pride.

What types of womens tops are sold?

The Harley Davidson womens catalog bears a few similarities to the mens t-shirt section. The short-sleeve button-down garage t-shirts have a brighter variety of colors and a hint of a vintage, edgy look. Like the mens version, it is decorated with tattoo style lining and designs. Moving on from casual t-shirts and going a little bit more professional, there are womens button-downs with a subtle embroidered logo to choose from. Meanwhile, the snap placket short sleeve has more of a cute and casual tee look. A pullover sweater with the Harley logo is an excellent gift for the colder months.

What kind of fabric is used?

The most predominant material in all Harley-Davidson apparel is cotton, commonly used for tees. Sometimes, it is blended with another material or alongside layers of other materials, compounds, and shells. Polyester is sometimes used as a wind-resistant shell. This can be found on the garage shirts as a trim design, or mixed in with the fabric for the tattoo-style designs. Spandex is another useful synthetic that is used in clothing. Its main purpose is to add elasticity to thicker fabrics, typically mixed into the cotton for Harleys shirts. It is used a lot in womens clothing to make it form-fitting.