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How to Use Windows 7 on a Laptop

Windows 7 may have given way to more recent operating systems, but like Windows XP before it, it has proven far more popular than its immediate successor. For many people, it mixed new features with performance improvements in a way that made it feel like a step forward instead of backwards.

What Does Windows 7 Offer?

As an operating system, Windows 7 offers a number of features for all users as well as some laptop and notebook-specific ones associated with power management and portable operation. It also brought a new set of system requirements to go with those features:

  • Touch Support: This was the first version of Windows to bring native touch-screen support to the OS. Many touch-enabled laptops include pen as well as stylus support for truly hands-on operation.
  • Multi-Processor Support: It offers native quad-core support with up to 16 GB memory on the Home Premium edition; more than enough for most users. 
  • Storage Support: The operating system also introduced native SSD support to Windows. Not only are SSDs faster than most HDDs, they also consume less power, making them great for portable computers.

How Do You Choose a Windows 7 Laptop?

Choosing a computer starts with determining what matters most to you. Some people want processor speed, others want to max out the RAM, while yet others focus on the screen above all else. Some people want something small like an HP Ultrabook, while others want a desktop replacement. There are a wide range of models to choose from:

  • EliteBook: These notebook computers offer premium appearance and performance to for business and corporate environments. The LED-backlit screen is easy to view and 256 GB of solid state storage on some models makes them really snappy in daily use.
  • ProBook: Aiming at business professionals, the HP ProBook series laptops offer FHD screens and good overall performance in most business and financial applications.
  • ZBook: Keeping in mind for those who need workstation power even when on the go, the ZBook line offers 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 Professional, and all the performance you need to run demanding professional applications. 

Options to Consider

Depending on your use case, you may want to consider options such as a Blu-ray drive for long flights. Wi-Fi and an Internet connection are both musts. Make sure you have enough storage, 256 GB is a minimum for an SSD, but a hard drive should have at least 500 GB. Try a 14-inch screen if you're going to take your laptop everywhere, but a 15.6-inch screen is easier to use for long periods of time. When the choice is available, you want the 64-bit version of your operating system, not the 32-bit.

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