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All About HP Computer Servers

If you work in IT or with your company's network, you need server solutions that allow for quick deployment, easy management, and that can grow with your business. eBay has a wide selection of quality servers by HP that can help you repair or enhance your network. With servers like those offered by HP, you can enhance your network and take your business to the next level.

What HP servers are available?

eBay has a large selection of Hewlett Packard servers so you can find what you need for your business or network. There are blade, rack, and tower servers available with DDR SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM memory types. There are servers available with 1, 2, 4, 16, and 32 processors to suit your needs. There are also several processors to choose from, including Opteron, Xeon, Xeon Dual Core, and Xeon Quad Core. You can also select RAM capacities from 8 GB to 768 GB.

What are some key features offered by HP servers?
  • Security: Many HP servers offer HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle security to include firmware protection and recovery along with malware detection. When a threat is detected and the firmware has possibly been compromised, the server enters recovery mode to help you get it operational again.
  • Persistent mode: The built-in persistent memory technology offers a higher capacity NVDIMM to power through heavy workloads. Combining the performance of memory with the persistence of traditional storage, the server delivers twice the capacity than the first generation at 16 GB NVDIMM, double the performance, and half the latency.
  • Intelligent system tuning: A new feature allowing the consumer to adjust the performance of the processors, to increase or decrease performance as they wish to match the needs of individual workloads and save energy.
How do you choose an appropriate server?

When it comes to choosing a server for your business or network, use the following steps to ensure you acquire the right option:

  • Primary need: If sending email is among your immediate needs, a good e-mail server is in order. If you need to manage a multitude of shared documents, a file-sharing server may be what you need. Think about what your biggest needs are and focus on those.
  • Plan for expansion and redundancy: A level of expansion is a good plan. Selecting hard drives that can be upgraded as your server requires more memory and more resources is a step in the right direction. RAID configurations also ensure that when a hard drive fails, you won't lose any of your company's data.
  • Alternative storage: While a hard drive is one way to store your data, you may want to diversify so you can access your data in different ways. Some HP servers can accept CD-ROMs, giving you new ways to store and organize information.