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Toyota FJ Cruiser Grilles

Grilles are designed to protect the engine of your FJ Cruiser. There are different materials that are used to make grilles for Toyota vehicles. You can find grilles for FJ Cruisers in many different colors and styles.

How do you install an FJ Cruiser grille?

There are different ways that you can install a new grille on your FJ Cruiser. The method that youll use depends on how the product fits on your FJ Cruiser. These are the two most common installation methods:

  • Overlay Method: An overlay grille slips over the one thats already on your Toyota FJ Cruiser. These products are exceptionally easy to install.
  • Replacement Method: A replacement grille fully replaces the one that is already on your Toyota FJ Cruiser. Youll remove the grille and reattach it using bolts during the installation process, but theres no cutting needed.
How do you clean a grille?

Use a powerful hose or pressure washer to clean the grille of your model vehicle. If you use detergent, be sure to dilute it substantially before using. If you prefer not to take the risk, you can clean the grille with equal parts of water and vinegar. Youll also want to hand-wash with a microfiber cloth, soft sponge, or wipes.

How do you install a grille?

This depends on what type of grille youre working with. There are two main types:

  • Bolt Over Grilles: Generally, there are bolts hidden from sight that clamp into place. These can make use of either washers and bolts or compression clamps.
  • Replacement Grilles: This types installation is a bit more involved. Youll first need to remove the cars nose before installing. Your vehicles manual should detail how to install the bolts or screws. Afterwards, youll need to replace the nose.
How long do these grilles last?

Often times, a grille for an FJ will last for the entire lifetime of your Toyota FJ Cruiser. The lifetime of your FJ is often a number of years, and it could be over a decade. While the length of time that your grille will last varies, these are some factors that determine how long its longevity:

  • The conditions that you drive in
  • How often you drive
  • The specific product that you get
What types of FJ Cruiser grilles are available?

There are many different types of grilles that you can choose from. All of them effectively protect your vehicles engine. However, you can also find grilles that fit over different parts of your car, including:

  • Radiator grilles
  • Bumper skirt grilles
  • Hood scoop grilles
Are there grilles with the Toyota logo?

Many of the products for the FJ have the Toyota logo on them. However, there also are products for the FJ that have designs and logos other than the Toyota logo.