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Grilles for Toyota Avalon

One of the first things that other drivers will notice about your Toyota Avalon is its grille. This piece protects the inner workings of the car, and it is also decorative. You can customize the look of your Toyota sedan by installing a new grille.

What does a Toyota Avalon grille do?

A cars engine heats up while running, and if it gets too warm, the vehicle can overheat. Cool air passing over the internal components can keep the engine from overheating. Therefore, cars are equipped with vents for air intake. Grilles cover these vents to keep debris out of the inner workings of a Toyota Avalon. This vehicle component is related to the cars bumper, so it can also help absorb the impact of a fender bender.

How is a grille attached to a Toyota Avalon?

A series of clips connects the grille to the body of the sedan. To switch out your automatic Toyotas grille, remove the clips and take off the grille. After putting the new grille in place, return the clips to their original spots to secure the grille to the Avalon.

However, you can also update the look of your automatic Toyota without removing the original grille. Some grilles for Toyota Avalon simply snap on over the grille that is currently in place. They attach with bolts, straps, or ties.

What grille styles are available?

The pattern of your grille contributes to the overall appearance of an Avalon XLE. You can choose a design that complements the look you want for your Toyota.

  • Billet: This style features bars that run horizontally or vertically.
  • Grid: On this variety, thin bars that run both horizontally and vertically form a grid pattern.
  • Mesh: This grille style resembles a sheet of metal with repeated small openings that create a perforated design.
What grille colors are available?

Just as the pattern of a grille helps customize the look of your Avalon hybrid so also does its color.

  • Silver Chrome: This is standard finish for Toyota Avalon grilles. This color scheme coordinates with many paint colors.
  • Black: Both glossy or matte black finishes are available for car grilles. A black finish can give a standard or hybrid car a sporty look.
What grille parts are available for an Avalon?

A Toyota Avalon Touring can have more than one grille. You may want to replace both for a unified look or just one piece.

  • Upper grille: This grille is narrow. It is located just under the hood of a Toyota sedan.
  • Lower grille: This is the larger of an Avalons grilles. It is situated near the base of the front bumper of a Toyota vehicle.
  • Brackets: These parts help hold the grilles in place. You may be able to replace these supports without replacing the entire grille.